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AdWords Tips for Holiday Advertising - #9 - Google Shopping Campaigns

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As shoppers are searching for the perfect gift to give this Holiday Season, one thing that can really help AdWords Ads become noticeable is to include an image and a price in an Ad by using Product Listing Ads. 


AdWords Holiday Tip #9 - Activate Google Shopping Campaigns


For any advertiser selling products via eCommerce, launching a Google Shopping Campaign is a must this Holiday Season.  Shopping Campaigns allow advertisers the ability to include an image in the Google Sponsored Results, as well as a price, and also promotional details.  


As shoppers, especially last minute ones, are searching for gifts to buy, Product Listing Ads (PLAs) provide a lot of important details, pre-Click.  For example, a searcher can see how much an item costs, what it looks like, if there is a promotion going on, and if applicable, if a local store has in-stock inventory before ever clicking through to the site.  Both the shopper and the advertiser benefits - the shopper can quickly scan and only look for items that they want to see more details on, and the advertiser attracts a more qualified shopper as they've already seen important details before they click.


Here are two tips for managing Google Shopping Campaigns this Holiday Season:


  1. Keep your Data Feeds Fresh - As shoppers purchase products and inventory comes in and out of stock, make sure that your data feed is updated with your most current product offerings and inventory.  If a searcher clicks on an Ad and the item is out of stock, that is a poor user experience for the searcher, and a Click that won't convert for the advertiser.
  2. Display Promotions via the Special Offers Tag - A Special Offer tag is a great way to make your Ads stand out, and to let searchers know of the promotions you have in market.  As an added benefit for advertisers, searchers can Click on the Special Offers tag to see the promotion, without the advertiser being charged for that Click.  The advertiser will only be charged when a searcher clicks the Shop button, or clicks through to their site.


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Very lucid explanation. Thanks for posting, Brian.