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AdWords Tips for Holiday Advertising - #8 - Optimize GDN Campaigns

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Yesterday we talked about the importance of increasing Reach, remarketing to shoppers who visited our site and didn't purchase, and aligning our AdWords Ads with relevant content on the web through the Google Display Network.  Today we're going to talk about how to make our Display Network Campaigns work harder for us by optimizing them.


AdWords Holiday Tip #8 - Optimize Google Display Network Campaigns


The Google Display Network provides a great opportunity for advertisers to advertise to shoppers who aren't currently on a Google Search Results Page.  However, advertisers need to spend time managing and optimizing their GDN Campaigns in order to attract efficient Clicks and Conversions.  


Because advertising on the Display Network is different than advertising on the Search Network, optimization strategies will differ.  Advertisers should not expect their Display Campaigns to perform the same as their Search Campaigns and they should expect to pull different optimization levers in order to maximize performance.  Below are five tips for optimizing your Google Display Network Campaigns this Holiday Season.


  1. Promote Holiday Messaging in Ads - During the Holidays shoppers will be looking for Ads that specifically speak to the Holiday Season.  Make your ads seasonal to attract more Clicks and motivated Shoppers.
  2. Promote an Offer - During the Holidays shoppers will be seeking offers and discount prices.  Use the Reach the GDN affords you to promote a special Holiday offer.
  3. Use Multiple Creatives - Uploading multiple Display Network Creatives, in a variety of sizes, will give you the opportunity to maximize the Impressions you receive from the Display Network and allow to test Creative and see what one performs the best for you.
  4. Modify Placement Bids - Just like you can set custom Max CPC Bids per Keyword in the Search Network, you can also create custom Bids per Placement your GDN Ads appear on.  You'll often find that, just like Keywords, performance will vary by Placement.  Setting unique Bids per Placement allows you to make the most of the Clicks you'll receive from your Placements.
  5. Exclude Placements - Finally, you'll find that some Placements, don't work at all for you.  For those Placements, consider excluding your Ads from ever appearing on them (think Negative Keywords on the Search Network).

Once launching a GDN Campaign you should find that the five tips above will help optimize your Campaign and improve your performance.

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Re: AdWords Tips for Holiday Advertising - #8 - Optimize GDN Campaigns

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I like this 'compare and contrast' format.  Very well laid out, Brian.


Thanks for posting these tips for our users.

Re: AdWords Tips for Holiday Advertising - #8 - Optimize GDN Campaigns

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Rising Star

Very well put Brian!


If I may, I would just like to make a couple of additions here:


3.a Monitor Creative Performance - Always keep a check on the performance of individual creatives you are using. In some cases, you may have a particular creative which is getting you a lot of traffic but has not recorded any conversions ( for a lead /ROI based account). If driving revenue is your goal, keeping a regular check on the creative performance will enable you to weed out any creative that is not profitable to you and concentrate only on the best performing ones for you.


4. a Modify Keyword Bids - If you are not to keen on bidding on placements, you can also modify bids at the keyword level. We have been able to see statistics for individual keywords for quite sometime, and I personally 

like to bid on keywords rather than placements ( at least because that is what works for my campaigns).


4. b Modify Keyword Bids & Placements - This where you can bid on your display keywords and as an added layer of bidding do a percentage (%) bid modification on your most performing placements. The bidding method still remains 'Bid Only'.


Would love to hear more on this from others.





Shashank Singh, AdWords Rising Star |
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