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AdWords Tips for Holiday Advertising - #5 - Update Landing Pages

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We've talked recently about how the Holiday Season will bring an influx of searchers, thus hopefully leading to more Clicks - now we need to convert those Clicks.  During the Holiday Season shoppers will be quickly looking for relevant content, information, and motivation to complete their purchases.  Make their purchase decisions easy by updating your Landing Pages.


AdWords Holiday Tip #5 - Update Landing Pages


Apart from targeting shoppers with relevant Keywords and Ad Copy there is nothing more important than having a great Landing Page experience for your searchers.  Landing Pages are what introduces your offering to searchers and is the conduit that connects them to purchasing from you.


This Holiday Season consider updating your Landing Pages to help prompt searchers to convert.  I am not suggesting a full site redesign, as more than likely advertisers and website owners will not have time for that, and in many cases, a full site redesign is not necessary.  I'm talking making quick, subtle, yet important updates to Landing Pages to help drive Conversions.


Some examples include:


  • Shipping Costs:  Let shoppers know your shipping costs.  They'll not want surprises when they're going to checkout.  
  • Clearly Provide Delivery Information: What provider do you use for shipping?  How long does your shipping process take?  When will you ship?  Let searchers know all pertinent shipping information so they can have confidence that if they order from you their shipment will arrive in time.
  • Describe you Promotions: Shoppers will be looking for deals/promotions.  Let them know what your promotions are (if you have any).  If you don't have any promotions, consider offering shoppers some kind of promotion; they'll be looking for it.
  • Explain your Return Policy: Since so many gifts will be purchased, often shoppers want to know how they can return a gift in the event that the gift is a duplicate/not wanted.  Clearly explaining your Return Policy can help give Shoppers confidence that purchasing from you is a low risk to them in the unfortunate event they have to  make a return.
  • Introduce your Site: Many of the Holiday Shoppers will be new to your website.  Introduce your business to them and explain why they should consider purchasing from you.

Again, you'll not need to a full site redesign, but consider just tweaking your pages slightly to give searchers important details they'll need to complete their purchases.

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Thanks for this great post Brian!