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AdWords Tips for Holiday Advertising - #3 - Adjust Campaign Budgets

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One of the most used tools for shoppers to narrow their selection of gifts is Search.  Because Search is used so heavily during the Holiday Season advertisers will see significant lifts in their Impressions and Clicks.  In fact, I've seen Impressions increase up to 350% during the Holiday Season.  Shoppers turn to Search to find gift ideas, deals, and where they can purchase products.  Advertisers must be ready to capture this increase demand for their Keywords which brings us to our third tip.


AdWords Holiday Tip #3 - Adjust Daily Campaign Budgets


As shoppers turn to Search to shop, Search Marketers must be prepared to capture the demand.  Increased searches means increased Impressions, which means (probably) increased Clicks, which means more budget is needed to capture the increased Conversions.  Daily Campaign Budgets as they've been set will probably not be high enough to capture all the increased Clicks.


Increasing your Daily Campaign Budgets will allow your Ads to stay active longer in the day and participate in more Keyword Auctions.  With the right Keywords targeted, and Ad Copy that is ready to convert demand, higher Daily Campaign Budgets will give advertisers the opportunity to convert shoppers to customers.


It's important to remember when setting a Campaign Budget to not exceed more than you can afford, and to not exceed to a Budget that is not profitable for you.  Advertisers must be profitable when determining how much to spend on a daily basis.


That being said, sometimes advertisers need to spend money to make money.  If you've achieved good, profitable Conversions from your Keywords consider increasing your Daily Budgets to be able to target the increased amount of shoppers who are actively seeking your Keywords.



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Re: AdWords Tips for Holiday Advertising - #3 - Adjust Campaign Budget

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Great Tip, thanks Brian :-)