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AdWords Tips for Holiday Advertising - 2014 Edition

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It's beginning to look a lot like... --wait, wasn't Halloween just last week?  Yes, it was, but based on Google Trends data, searchers are already starting to research Black Friday deals.  As searchers are beginning their Holiday purchase decision journey, advertisers must ensure that their AdWords Campaigns are ready to capture and convert the demand.  For the next couple of weeks I'll share tips and recommendations for AdWords advertisers to have their most successful Holiday season ever!


Before we dig into the first tip, a brief overview of Black Friday - Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving and is normally the biggest shopping day of the year.  Many retailers offer deep discounts that often start very early in the morning, with many shoppers standing in long lines pre-dawn, just to get a chance to enjoy the discounts that the stores are offering.  Black Friday is important to retailers as it not only kicks off the Holiday shopping season, but it also is a one day event that drives significant sales volume.


AdWords Holiday Tip #1 - Add "Deal" Keywords


A common way for searchers to research Holiday purchases is to query specific deal, gift, Black Friday, etc. Keywords. In fact, last year Google saw a 27% lift in Black Friday queries leading up to Black Friday.  To maximize Reach, drive efficiencies, capture demand, and to meet in-market shoppers during their moments of relevance, AdWords advertisers should add "deal" specific modified Keywords to their Accounts.


For example, if an advertiser sells running shoes, they may consider adding keywords such as:

  • save on running shoes
  • black friday deals on running shoes
  • running shoes special pricing
  • deals on running shoes
  • promotional pricing on running shoes


Common deal-modifiers include:


  • Black Friday
  • Coupons
  • Promotions
  • Deals
  • Discount
  • Save
  • Specials

Adding these modifiers to your existing Keywords will give you several benefits:


  • Efficiencies - Bidding on Keywords exactly as searchers are querying them should help your Keywords have better Quality Scores and Ad Ranks and hopefully receive more efficient CPCs vs matching into queries via Broad or Phrase Match.
  • Increased Reach - By bidding on more Keywords that searchers are querying during the Holiday season, you'll be able to serve Ads on more Keywords and gain more Impressions.
  • Increased Clicks - Expanding your Keyword lists should allow you to reach more searchers during their moments of relevance and drive relevant traffic to your site.

As your gearing up your AdWords Campaigns for the Holiday Season, consider adding "deal" modifiers today.


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Re: AdWords Tips to Holiday Advertising - 2014 Edition

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Hey Brian,


Thanks for the great article and tips :-) I enjoyed reading it and of course - "stared" it.


1. I recommend to add these keywords to the Ad itself for better CTR (easily by DKI or manually) and to the Landing Page itself - for better Conversion Rate.


2. Don't forget Cyber Monday - it right after "Black Friday" :-)





Re: AdWords Tips to Holiday Advertising - 2014 Edition

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Nice, Thanks for Shairng Brian!

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Re: AdWords Tips for Holiday Advertising - 2014 Edition

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Well-Written article Brian!

Re: AdWords Tips for Holiday Advertising - 2014 Edition

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Good Stuff. Thank you Brian.