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AdWords Tips for Holiday Advertising - #13 - App Advertising

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One of the best ways to promote your Brand and to engage with your target consumers is via your own App(s).  A way to increase your Reach even more than Search and Display Advertising is through In-App Advertising.  Today, during our last AdWords Holiday Tip we talk about all things Apps.


AdWords Holiday Tip #13 - Advertise in Apps, and Promote your App(s)


Advertisers and Brands can use Apps in two important ways to connect with shoppes this Holiday Season.  The first is to promote their Apps, and the second is to advertise to shoppers in Apps.  Promoting an App can help shoppers connect, engage, and even shop with Brands; targeting shoppers in Apps can increase Reach and help shoppers discover your App(s), and your Brand.


How to Advertise your App

AdWords offers two ways to advertise your App(s):

  1. App Extensions - App Extensions are an additional engagement option inside of a traditional AdWords Text Ad, that lets searchers and shoppers know that your Brand has an App, and provides them a link where they can easily download your App.  If your App already exists on their phone or tablet, they'll be able to open your App and start engaging with you inside of your App.  App Extensions are great because a searcher has two options - click on your traditional Ad and go your selected Landing Page, or download/open your App - you're giving searchers multiple engagement options.
  2. App Promotion Ads - App Promotion Ads offer searchers just one option - to click through to your App.  This is great if you're running a Campaign where downloading your App is the main goal of your AdWords advertising.

How to Advertise in Apps

We talked earlier in this series about extending your Reach via the Google Display Network.  Did you also know that some Apps are a part of the Google Display Network?  Using your existing Display Network Targeting, your Ads can appear within Apps that are a part of Google's Display Network via In-App Advertising.  When advertising In-Apps you can either chose to drive searchers to your AdWords Landing Pages, or promote your Apps.


Here are two tips for advertising In-Apps:

1.  Review your Performance of Apps - Some Apps will lead to Conversions for you, while others will not.  Carefully review your reports and consider excluding Apps that do not perform for you.

2.  Only Target Specific Categories of Apps - Some categories of Apps are going to be used more by your target audience and will likely lead to better performance. Consider targeting just certain categories to gain the most efficient Reach from Apps.



When deciding how you want to approach App(s) Advertising, make sure to checkout Google's Promoting your Mobile App article in the Help Center.  It's a great resource for advertisers to understand all their options when they want to promote their Apps, and also leverage App usage to promote their Brands, and/or Holiday Specials this Holiday Season.

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Again, another great tip Brian!

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Very lucid explanation of an advanced feature.

Thanks Brian.