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AdWords Tips for Holiday Advertising - #12 - Use the Ad Gallery

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We've talked earlier in this series about how advertisers should extend their Reach by using the Google Display Network.  A potential barrier to advertisers testing the Display Network is that for best performance, and to maximize Reach, advertisers should create Display Ads in many different sizes.  Building Display Ads takes additional time and possibly resources that advertisers do not have.  Luckily, we have the AdWords Ad Gallery, previously known as the Display Ad Builder.


AdWords Holiday Tip #12 - Use the AdWords Ad Gallery


Having multiple Display Ads that you can test against each other will not only allow advertisers to optimize the best performance out of their Display Campaigns, but it will also help advertisers extend their Reach by appearing on Placements that are only reserved for specific ad sizes.  The AdWords Ad Gallery, previously known as the Google Display Ad Builder, is a free tool offered by Google that allows advertisers the ability to effortlessly create Display Ads.


What is the Ad Gallery?

The AdWords Ad Gallery is a free tool that allows advertisers the ability to create Image and Video Ads to be used across the Google Display Network.  Google provides templates and instructions to guide advertisers through the creative process.


What are the requirements for using the Display Ad Gallery?

There are no requirements.  This is a free tool.


Who can use the Display Ad Gallery?

Any AdWords advertiser can access the tool, but the Ads can only be activated across targeting on the Google Display Network.


Why types of Ads can I create?

Advertisers can create Image Ads, Engagement Ads (rich media), Video Ads, and Dynamic Display Ads.


What are Dynamic Display Ads?

Dynamic Remarketing allow advertisers to tailor their Display Ads based on the specific content/products that visitors viewed on sites.  Dynamic Display Ads will automatically pull in images into a Display Ad, based on content the visitor viewed on a website.  Before proceeding with Dynamic Remarketing, advertisers must first complete the setup process.


Why should I use the Display Ad Gallery?

Create great looking, engaging Display Ads in multiple sizes and creative types.  As it's a free tool, it's cost effective for advertisers and allows them to quickly create Ads that not only look great, but scales the process across the different sizes.


Is there a demo?

Yep.  Not sure you're ready, the Display Ad Gallery demo can give you a better idea of what to expect from the tool.


Any final steps to get started?

The AdWords Help Center provides detailed Google Display Ad Gallery instructions.


Finally, the Google Tips for Creating Effective Display Ads and the Google Tips for Creating Effective Video Ads are two free resources that can give advertisers ideas for creating their Ads for the Display Network.


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Re: AdWords Tips for Holiday Advertising - #12 - Use the Ad Gallery

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Thanks for sharing, Brian!

Re: AdWords Tips for Holiday Advertising - #12 - Use the Ad Gallery

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Thanks Brian! Nicely outlined and very helpful !

Shashank Singh, AdWords Rising Star |
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