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AdWords Tips for Holiday Advertising - #11 - Automate Ad Updates

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We talked earlier in this series on how advertisers should keep their Ad Copy seasonally relevant.  One of the ways that AdWords tools can help advertisers keep Ad Copy seasonally relevant is through automation.  As advertisers will have many of other things to do during the Holidays, such as filling orders and optimizing their Campaigns, they should attempt to automate as much as possible.


AdWords Holiday Tip #11 - Automate Ad Updates


One of the most effective ways to gain new customers and sales during the Holidays is to have Ad Copy that is relevant to the promotion and to time.  Instead of advertisers constantly going into AdWords and updating their Ad Copy, they can dedicate a block of hours one time to do all tasks related to Ads, and then set automation to automatically update their Ads at the appropriate time.


There are two main ways AdWords advertisers can automate their Ad Copy updates - 


  1. Using Ad Customizer - The Ad Customizer Tool allows advertisers to tailor Ad Copy based on promotions, and/or use time sensitive calls-to-actions automatically based on the parameters advertisers set.  This can be an effective way to update promotions in real time and also also let searchers know how long a promotion is valid for.  For example, let's say a advertiser has a promotion going on during Black Friday - the Ad Customizer tool can countdown the hours left in the sale and update the Ad Copy every hour.  Or, let's say that Product Group A has a 10% Off discount and Product Group B has a 15% Off discount.  The Ad Customizer can ensure that the correct promotion is added to the correct Ads.
  2. Automated Rules - Among other things, Automated Rules allow advertisers to upload specific Ad Copy to be activated at a later time.  For example, let's say that a Black Friday promotion begins at midnight on Black Friday - advertisers can upload the Ad Copy today as paused, and then schedule existing Ad Copy to be paused at midnight on Black Friday and the promotional Ad Copy to go live.  After the Black Friday promotion ends, Automated Rules can pause the Black Friday Ads, and reactive the Ad Copy that was paused.


Among Holiday festivities, fulfilling orders, and doing other AdWords tasks, advertisers will be busy during the Holidays - save time by automating Ad Copy updates.


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Absolutely relevant and useful tips Brian. Thanks for sharing.