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AdWords Tips for Holiday Advertising - #10 - Prepare for Key Dates

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We're coming down the home stretch towards the Holidays - Thanksgiving and Black Friday are less than a week away, Cyber Monday is ten days away and the scary part is, it's all going to be here and gone before you know it!  Be prepared for key shopping dates.  Shoppers will be searching, make sure your AdWords Campaigns are ready.


AdWords Holiday Tip #10 - Prepare for Key Dates


According to a MasterCard SpendingPulse Retail study, there are six big (even bigger than normal) online shopping dates between now and Christmas.  In the brick and mortar space, there are seven big (again, even bigger than normal) key shopping dates for in-store purchases.  Advertisers not only need to be ready for those dates, but they also must know how they can use AdWords to their advantage for those dates.


What's so important about these dates is not so much the shopping opportunity they represent, but the actual amount of incremental sales dollars shoppers will be spending during these key dates.  For the most part, shoppers will be browsing and shopping all throughout the season, in fact, many have already started.  These dates actually represent the thirteen biggest shopping days of the year, as they relates to actual sales dollars.


Let's start with the dates:


Biggest Online Shopping Dates - 

  1. Tuesday, December 3
  2. Wednesday, December 4
  3. Monday, December 1 (Cyber Monday)
  4. Tuesday, December 10
  5. Tuesday, December 17
  6. Wednesday, December 18 (Free Shipping Day)

Biggest In-Store Shopping Dates - 

  1. Friday, November 29 (Black Friday)
  2. Saturday, December 21
  3. Monday, December 23
  4. Friday, December 20
  5. Friday, December 13
  6. Saturday, December 14
  7. Monday, December 16 (Green Monday)

Knowing the dates is half the battle.  Advertisers must leverage this knowledge to strategically approach their AdWords Campaigns to increase sales - both in-store and online.  Let's review a few tips for how advertisers can properly plan for and use AdWords to promote their products on these key shopping dates.


How can Advertisers use AdWords to Drive Sales Online?



  1. Plan Daily Campaigns to be larger on days with heavy online shopping activity - On the peak days of Holiday shopping, make sure your budgets stay active long enough during the day to capture a significant Impression Share.
  2. Increase Bids to stay competitive during these days - Shoppers are spending money on these days; increase Max CPC Bids to stay competitive, and to capture Clicks from motivated, engaged shoppers.
  3. Plan Promotions Accordingly - Days such as Free Shipping Day and Cyber Monday will have shoppers clamoring for free shipping and promotions.  Do not disappoint them.
  4. Continue the Conversation via Remarketing - After you've received a Click, keep advertising to your site's visitors via Remarketing.  If budgets are tight, consider running Remarketing Campaigns only during the key online shopping dates.
  5. Increase Coverage on Non-Branded & "Gift" Keywords - 57% of Holiday Shoppers do not have a specific Brand or Products in mind when they begin their shopping journey.  Being present on gift Keywords, such as "gifts for mom," "holiday gifts for men," etc., and on Non-Branded Keywords helps advertisers extend their Reach to undecided shoppers looking for ideas.


How can Advertisers use AdWords to Drive Sales In-Store?


  1. Enable Location Extensions - Location Extensions let searchers know where your closest store to them is.  This allows searchers to know where your store is located, so they can go in store and purchase.
  2. Enable Call Extensions - A frequent action that searchers like to do is to call a local store, whether for additional product information, or for directions, or to hear store hours.  Display your phone number so that shoppers can easily contact you.
  3. Add Local Products to your Google Shopping Feed - If you're running a Google Shopping Feed, include the local products and their associated inventory to your data feed.
  4. Launch Local Product Inventory Ads - Leverage your Google Shopping Feed and local product inventory to run Local Product Inventory Ads - Product Listing Ads that tell searchers how many you have in stock and where your store is.
  5. Increase AdWords Impression Share Coverage on Days Leading up to Key In-Store Dates - One of the main motivators for shoppers going to certain stores is the research and information they've done and learned online.  Often the ads they see online will help drive them in stores on days when they're leaving home to shop.

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Thanks Brian.

I'm ready with all my saved dollars for Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping and actively looking for deals, free shipping and discounts. Hope I find relevant AdWords ads out there on search, on the sites and even on my mobile next week.