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AdWords Community Account Optimization - David's bathstore business

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Increase conversions
Improve Quality Scores
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Hi All,

Let's give a very special welcome to our friend David - he is the very first user on this Community to get this unique Back to Business with AdWords - Community account development opportunity."Welcome David". Here are some details about David's business and his optimization goals. 
Bathroom Supastore is a online Bathroom Store selling all bathroom products including baths, showers and taps at highly discounted prices. Here's their website. David manages AdWords for this business. He has been working on AdWords for 6 months now and has been a great advocate of AdWords. Thank you David. 
David is now looking for help with the following: 
1. Increase conversions
2. Improve Quality Scores
3. Improve Impression Share
4. They also get a lot of leads via phone and wants to know how to measure these conversions. 
I will now leave the field open for you all and David to discuss further.


Feel free to ask him questions or if you need any clarification to help him achieve his goals.
Request: Please provide your suggestions one step at a time so David finds it easy to navigate and implement. 
We are excited about this Back To Business initiative and hope you are too.
Let's together make it a success and prove the power of this close-knit AdWords community,
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Re: Back to Business with AdWords Community Account Optimization - David's bathstore business is loo

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Hello, I am Dave from Bathroom Supastore.


I was hired by Google in February to work on there getting British business online scheme Where I was given Adwords training and completed my first Adwords exam. My role was helping small business understand Adwords and all things digital


Since that ended I have now moved on to Bathroom Supastore as head of Digital marketing. Since staring I have increased conversations and reduced costs. However Adwords is a massive subject and every week I’m learning something new. Therefore I am happy to take part in the back to business scheme.  I feel it’s a great idea that lets everybody help each other which I feel is crucial in this digital age of business. 


Thank You


Re: Back to Business with AdWords Community Account Optimization - David's bathstore business is loo

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Hi David,


Welcome on board!

I'll get you something a bit more detailed shortly. However, I noticed that you aren't doing product listing ads (I searched for kaldewei bath and I didn't find you.)


I could be wrong. However, Google is in the process of moving all of the shopping results to the paid version of "product listing ads.


You do have a Google feed, so the next steps should be fairly straightforward. We see up to 50% of non-branded traffic sales from PPC coming in from Product Ads - so I highly recommend you get on it.

In the UK Google is still showing the organic version of the results, so your results may not mirror the dramatic results we are seeing.


Instructions are here:

Re: Back to Business with AdWords Community Account Optimization - David's bathstore business is loo

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Hello David


[Comment]: I am trying to post for the second time, due to a bug in the Community online editor, I am typing, this time, in MSWord and copying/ pasting here,. Thus, I will NOT include links (these are easily found), and smiley Smiley Happy


First, a nice collection / brands you carry. (My engineering background in project management of industrial production and facilities... )

When looking at your site, I noticed is that you are missing a "green section " of baths / showers/ taps that save on water. Water saving taps/ showers and baths have been very popular among consumers during the last years. Green building is expanding fast, and the margins accordingly….All major manufacturers/ brands make showers/ baths and taps that comply with guidelines set by the US Green Building Council - a standard also known as LEED Green building guidelines ( )


  • I would suggest modifying the website to include a "green section" for your products that conform with LEED guidelines.
  • This to follow with AdWords campaigns : one for the search network and another on the display network - targeting placements or topics for green building / construction with a relevant theme of keywords.


Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: Back to Business with AdWords Community Account Optimization - David's bathstore business is loo

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Hi David,


I will suggest that you look into call tracking to start tracking your phone calls. Depending on your average click volume, then this can be a surprisingly big cost if you want to do it optimally. 


I can highly recommend Mongoose Metrics for your call tracking needs. You should look into their AccuTrac Session, or Dynamic Call Tracking, solution. This will allow you to incorporate the conversion that happen through calls in your Google adWords conversion tracking statistics. 


If you have a good amount of leads through the phone, then you might be discarding profitable keywords, ads and overall campaign initiatives because you aren't counting all leads. Implementing call tracking would be a no-brainer if I managed the account. I would even talk my CEO into lowering our PPC budget with whatever the cost of call tracking is (up to 25%) because I'm sure the optimization results would skyrocket after implementing the extra tracking. 


That was my first advice.. If you have anything more concrete you need help with, let us know! 


Kind regards,

Andrew Lolk

Re: Back to Business with AdWords Community Account Optimization - David's bathstore business is loo

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I will second Andrew's recommendation. We use Mongoose Metrics very actively, and they've got phenomenal integration

Re: Back to Business with AdWords Community Account Optimization - David's bathstore business is loo

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Hi David,


Mini Mentioned you are looking for help with the following:

1. Increase conversions


2. Improve Quality Scores


3. Improve Impression Share


4. They also get a lot of leads via phone and wants to know how to measure these conversions. 



I am going to address your list in reverse order because that is how I would address it when optimizing the account.


4. Phone tracking – If you get phone sales then this is important.  Mongoose Metrics is great but if you find it is out of your price range don’t give up there are plenty of other less expensive options that deliver robust phone tracking.  For instance I use IFByPhone and they can even integrate into Google Analytics.  You may already be getting calls via adwords if you are on mobile devices and there could be some data for you under the Dimensions tab > Call Details report.


3. Impression Share – Suggestions to improve Impression Share are based on where you are losing impression share - you may lose to budget or rank.  If you enable the Impression Share metrics to show in your user interface under the Columns button > Competitive Metrics section you can enable the columns you need to see to evaluate.  If you lose IS to budget then raise it, modify scheduling, and optimize the account to free up budget.  If you are losing IS to Rank then you need to improve that through either increasing your quality score or bids…Quality Score X Bad Bid = Rank.


2. Improving Quality Score – One of the biggest metrics in your control to influence quality score is CTR.  Start with the structure of your account and you will get a good trickle down effect.  Structure the account creating high relevance in each adgroup.  The keywords and ad copy should be relevant to each other to a bit of an extreme Smiley Wink    Taps for instance…groups like:


Bath taps

Sink mounted bath taps

Wall mounted bath taps

Cassellie taps

Jacuzzi taps

Chrome bath taps

Black bath taps


Each group should contain keywords and ad copy related to only that specific theme and land the visitor as close as possible to the product associated with their search query.


Watch your search query data.  If you are using broad and phrase match keywords then you have the potential to appear on irrelevant search queries.  If your ads appear for search queries that are not relevant to the products you are likely not to get a clicks (a good thing to save money but a bad thing for your click through rate).   Watching your search query report and adding negative keywords to prevent impressions for irrelevant search queries is a good way to keep a healthy CTR. 


  1. Increasing Conversions – Through setting up a healthy account and monitoring you should be able to see if you are sending in traffic on relevant high quality search terms.   When I get to the point with a client where we know we have solid traffic then it is time to evaluate the performance on the website from your adwords traffic.  You may need to do some testing on landing pages and optimize one page’s conversion architecture and test it against the existing landing page to see if you can move the dial.


There are great opportunities for you with Product Listing Ads through Shopping like david-nationalp suggested. 


I think there are also opportunities for you with Remarketing.  Here is part of a WIKI article I wrote on Remarketing:


Remarketing allows AdWords advertisers the opportunity to continue to market their messages through the AdWords Display Network to people who have visited their websites.  Advertisers are able to create audience lists by tagging their website pages with remarketing code.  This code places a cookie on the browser of the visitor adding them to the ‘audience list’.  The cookie expiration can be set for any period of time up to 547 days (yes 1.5 years!).  It takes 100 audience members for a list to go active and be eligible for ad serving.

 Another cool thing is that in building your audience lists any visitor to your website will be added, direct, organic, adwords, etc.  Visits from any source will be tagged with a cookie, and added to your remareketing audience list. Now when your audience list members browse the internet across Google Display Network properties they are recognized and shown your ads.


Advertisers have multiple targeting options with Remarketing from targeting people everywhere they go to more subtle targeting through placements, topics, and keywords.  Remarketing can be done with text, image or display ads. 

When to use Remarketing

Anytime you think that your current customer may be interested in other related products, anytime you think a customer may need to either renew or upgrade or refill, anytime they need more time to think it over, if they are researching prices, if they left the checkout process, etc.  If you think creatively there are plenty of reasons and cases to use remarketing but it takes some strategy to decide how to segment lists, how long to set the cookie duration, what kinds of ads to display and what those ad messages should be.


Some Examples:


  • Create a list for people who drop out of the checkout process.  These list members probably had a pain point about price or shipping, or maybe you need to re-evaluate your checkout process.
  •  Create a list for people who purchased.  Jane Doe purchased one of your yoga mats in November and she may be an excellent person to remkarket to for those new yoga pants you now carry.
  • Create a list for people that visited certain pages or category pages.  If Jane Doe visited the Glassware section of your website she gets added to the glassware list and you can remarket 10% off all glassware now.
  • Building brand awareness.  Seeing your ads, especially image or display ads build awareness of your brand and internet presence.


Kim Clink, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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Re: Back to Business with AdWords Community Account Optimization - David's bathstore business is loo

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Hi David,


Superb ideas above.


I would emphasis on CTR, as I feel If we improve CTR most of the issues with the campaign improves automatically:


>> You can include prices in your adcopy, this way you will able to avoid users who are not interested in buying for products that in your price range. Good way to avoid unprofitable clicks.


>> You can test variation of adcopy in adgroups. May be one with the prices and one with non prices.


>> I would suggest using strong call to action in adcopy such as offers and discounts you are giving. I have personally seen that discount in headline works better.


>> You can use words like “Buy” “Stock limited” “hurry up”


>> You can use Longer headline if you are not using yet.


>> Are you using site link extension? If not, Please test it. Sitelink has shown immense improvement in CTR.


>> Are you DKI? DKI is a great feature by Google to use in the adcopy in order to improve CTR. But you need to be careful while using DKI. When you use DKI the keyword who trigger adcopy get inserted in adcopy. When user see his/her search query (which match exactly or closely similar to  keyword which trigger ad) in BOLD BLUE color they find it relevant and then click adcopy which helps in improving CTR. Read more here and here.


>> It is a good Idea to use Brand Name with Trademark symbol or registered symbol, this way user feels that adcopy they are seeing is authentic and establish user trust.


>> You can add keyword in Display URL. This is also helps in boosting CTR.


You may or may not be using above strategy currently  in your campaign. If not, I would recommend you to test them step by step.


Hope it helps!








Neha Gupta, AdWordsTop Contributor Follow Me: My Blog | Twitter | Google+ | LinkedIn
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Re: Back to Business with AdWords Community Account Optimization - David's bathstore business is loo

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Hello Everybody, 


Thank you for the messages. Just to clarify,


1. We do use product listing ads and have found them to be very successful however the system we use to upload our Google product feed on the website has some issues in letting us uniquely categories the products. 


2. The site was created before I joined the company by a web design agency. So for the moment editing the web pages for split testing and things along those natures is a no go Smiley Sad


3. I think remarketing is something we are defiantly keen to look further into. We have had Google set us up on the display network but I have yet to really look into it.


4. Variation on Ad copy is something I should do more as well as DKI. (lol Adwords is never ending).


5. I should add site links but because a lot of the ads are tightly knit like 1500 baths. I’m not sure what to put under it. If it was a broad word like baths then it would make sense to have site links with different sizes or colours but with small themed groups I’m not sure Smiley Frustrated.


I am currently editing the amount the ads are being displayed through the day in order to target our customers when they are more likely to purchase.


 Hope this helps



Re: Back to Business with AdWords Community Account Optimization - David's bathstore business is loo

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Hi Dave,


To continue with the discussion where you have already received excellent advices from adwords experts, let me put in my thoughts in sync with sitelink extensions as you mentioned above.


Trust me you will be in a win-win situation with sitelink extensions Smiley Happy


It enhances your CTR, which inturn provide more relevancy to your Google ads. Hence improving CTR will directly make an impact on the Quality Score of your keywords at a positive side.


In my opinion, you can treat sitelinks as different category/sections of your website. So you could include something like Special Offers, Designer Radiators, Wall coverings (I just looked at your website) etc..

Another point of consideration could be the website pages which have high number of unique page views, high avg. time on site... which you can select by looking at the Content Report under Google analytics. I hope you have linked adwords with analytics.

In order to actually track which sitelinks are best for you and which are not so good, you can manually tag the URLs by appending the sitelinks with this code: ?origin=sitelinks&keyword={keyword}. Now when you go to Google analytics>> content>> site content> all pages, filter the results using word sitelinks and it will show you which keyword users are using to enter your website via sitelinks and whether they are bouncing back or staying at your website. Based on this, you can take the decision to keep the sitelink or eliminate the one and introduce another one.


It is good to keep an eye at what exact time during the day user are converting. So you can adjust your advertising cost based on the numbers you get from the Hour of the Day report under Dimensions Tab.


I would also prefer separate campaigns for week days and weekends because sometimes you get high volume of sales on week days and low on weekends. But the trend could be different in your case and after looking at the day of the week report, hour of the day report, you can make the best judgement.


I hope that helps somewhere!