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AdWords Ad quality

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I'm puzzled by a lot of things about adwords.  This is 1.


  How is first page bid estimated?  I thought that the more common a keyword was, the more expensive it would be.  But Colorado Spruce has a FPB of 0.82, while Picea Pungens has a bid of 2.00.  Similarly Black Spruce is 0.69 while Picea mariana is 2.25  I would have expected that use of common name versus botanical name would be a good 10:1, therefore the botanical name should be cheaper.




Quality scores of 7  hardy larix larcina

Quality scores of 6:  hardy white spruce; 

Quality scores of 5:  Ponderosa pine; Lodgepole pine; Colorado spruce; Swamp Spruce; 

Quality scores of 4:  None.

Quality scores of 3:  Pinus contorta; Pinus ponderosa; picea pungens; picea glauca; picea mariana; White Spruce; Black Spruce; Black Hills Spruce; Larix larcina

Qualtiy scores of 2:  None

Quality scores of 1:  Tamarack 


Rule of thumb:

  • a 'color' word is of low value.  
  • Botanical names are of low value.  
  • Longer phrases have higher quality, but you get hit by the "Low Search Volume" problem.



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Re: AdWords Ad quality

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First page  bid estimate - as the name infers, is first and foremost an estimate. Like any other statistical estimate, it has its margin of error (which could be significant).


I prefer to use the real numbers based on the cost advertisers paid using the data given by the keyword planner.

>>"...Your suggested bid is calculated by taking into account the costs-per-click (CPCs) that advertisers are paying for this keyword for the location and Search Network settings you've selected. "

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