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AdRank threshold and QS calculation implications now that sidebar ads are gone

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Hello Colleagues


Since this topic is so new I know there cannot be a definite answer, but I'd like to start a discussion on it. We know that when sidebar ads were present, the top slots required a certain AdRank relative to the auction. Now that it's simply top or bottom, is the required threshold for top still calculated the same way? I ask this because I've noticed a lot of one ad being served in the top slot, and two or three being served on the bottom.  I'm thinking an adjustment is necessary for the way the threshold for top is calculated.


We also know that CTR is a big part of QS.  We know that being in top slot position 1 is expected to have a higher CTR compared to sidebar position 6 when those ads were served, and this was taken into consideration when QS was calculated.  Now that it's top or bottom, it seems that this compensation factor also needs some adjustment.  Ads dropping from sidebar to the bottom slots should see a significant, natural drop in CTR... at least until the users adjust to this new format.


Anyone have thoughts or insight on this? I'd prefer to keep this discussion positive.

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Re: AdRank threshold and QS calculation implications now that sidebar ads are gone

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@David Kyle;

This is a nice question; I was actually asked about it by a client and a colleague earlier today.

I looked at the help center documentation.  The documentation has already been  updated:

>>"We can only show up to four ads at the top of a search results page. Because Ad Rank and thresholds are recomputed on every page, ads can sometimes appear in a top spot on one page and then again in a bottom spot on the following page. 

Reading the article it seems that the criteria  for the "upper class" has not been  changed, The change is that  now Google allows 4 ads at the "upper class",  compared to 3 before the change.



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Re: AdRank threshold and QS calculation implications now that sidebar ads are gone

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I think that threshold should be relaxed a little bit... at least for the less competitive auctions. I'm thinking there will be some cases where the auction is not very competitive, but a larger entity will be able to muscle out smaller ones. I feel like I've seen a few instances of this already. Only one ad on the top, and then two or three on the bottom. The top ad was a national chain, the bottom ones were genuine local businesses. Can't say I'm a fan of that.