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AdGroup by MatchType Strategy not working due to Negative KW issues

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Hey Everyone,


I currently have an Adgroup by MatchType Structure but I'm having issues with my negative KW lists


Here's an example structure I use:


Campaign A - Tennis Shoes

Adgroup A1 (exact) : [ tennis shoes ]        

Adgroup A2 (phrase) : " tennis shoes "    Negative KW: [ tennis shoes ] [ red tennis shoes ] [ brown tennis shoes ]


Campaign B - Tennis Shoes by Color

Adgroup B1 (phrase) : " red tennis shoes "

Adgroup B2 (phrase) : " brown tennis shoes "


Here's the issue arising:


When I query " red tennis shoes " google preview says that A2 "tennis shoes" is not being triggered due to the neg. KW [ red tennis shoes ].


This is exactly what I want to happen, however B1 is not being triggered afterwards and my ad is not showing. Why isn't this working? Does PPC need time to digest this or something?


Note that B2, which is targeting "brown tennis shoes", is working fine.

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Re: AdGroup by MatchType Strategy not working due to Negative KW issue

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Hi Stephen,


Have you tried using the keyword diagnosis tool to see why that specific keyword doesn't trigger the ad? The reason could be related to your overall bid amount or quality score for that keyword, and not be a negative keyword issue at all.


Also, just to double check; you didn't accidentally copy over the negative keywords when making these campaigns, right? It can happen sometimes if you're creating campaigns by copying them over, etc.


Hope this helps.

Re: AdGroup by MatchType Strategy not working due to Negative KW issue

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Hi Stephen,

I'd second Alexander's suggestion of using the ad preview tool. I'd also check the keyword status to see if there may be other issues (low quality score, low search volume, below first page bid, etc.)

Are you running any modified broad keywords or just phrase and exact? Is "red tennis shoes" mapping to any keyword in your account?


Re: AdGroup by MatchType Strategy not working due to Negative KW issue

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# 4
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Thanks both for the quick replies.


- I've double checked the negative KWs and no issues there
- I did raise the KW bids for all campaigns and more KWs started to get triggered, but not all
- I'm only doing phrase and exact
- No below first bid issues, decent Q-scores from 5-8, nothing lower



Yes, many of the KWs are low search volume <-- I think this might be the issue? Am i going to niche?




Re: AdGroup by MatchType Strategy not working due to Negative KW issue

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# 5
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That could be it. Are you targeting a small geography? It could be that there's just not enough search volume for niche keywords in the geography that you're targeting. Unfortunately, in low search volume situations, there isn't much you can do for that particular keyword set. You can bid on less-specific keywords (head terms, etc) but I'm guessing that you are probably already doing that in other ad groups.

You may want to try bidding on modified broad match terms, though. Add the phrase and exact match variations of the same keywords as negatives so that you don't accidentally rob Peter to pay Paul and then you may find that you get some more volume. Since the word order won't matter with modified broad, you won't need all of the same keywords. For instance you won't need +red +tennis +shoes AND +tennis +shoes +red, so just keep that in mind.

Hope this helps!

Re: AdGroup by MatchType Strategy not working due to Negative KW issue

Top Contributor
# 6
Top Contributor

Hi @Stephen S as a slight aside, I'd also suggest you consider why you're using these negative matches.


I know that this sort of match-type negative structure has some popularity, but to be honest I've never seen any real advantage with this method.  The idea is, I believe, that using such negatives forces AdWords to use a particular Keyword when more than one is a possible match, but why do you want to do this?


AdWords has sophisticated algorithms already built in to handle situations where more than one Keyword can match a query and I've yet to see a good reason for not simply relying upon the choice made by AdWords.

What is your primary reason for structuring your Groups in this way?  What do you hope to achieve by doing so?


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