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Ad-words Error..!?

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An unbelievable problem occurs to me this morning, when the result of Ad-words advertising come out with the CPA bid strategy used 220 bath and got ONLY '2 views' (or clicks), as shown in the attached picture below.


This problem happen after I have changed from CPC to CPA by setting the Target average 50ฺ Bath per 1 conversion (actually the system recommended 1.88 Bath per 1 conversion). However, from the past results, it shown that 1 conversion used around 50-65 bath, then I set 50 Bath/ 1 conversion.



1) I imported 20 conversions from Analytic and used only 1 conversion of the completion of purchase  process in the Ad-words setting 'conversion' mode.

2) Before, I used the CPC bid mode, which it normally took 5 bath/per click and get 70-100 visitors/day) with the same amount of budget 200 bath. 


Please advise me.Thank you very much in advance. And looking forward to hear from you soon.





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January 2016

Re: Ad-words Error..!?

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First usually CPA flexible bidding strategy try to understand your existing conversion patterns and adjust your bidding accordingly and there can be significant changes compared to CPC bidding. Also it take sometime to learn and during the learning time period it may go different bidding mechanisams to understand how your accunt behave ( Eg high cpc)

This is natural and you should give it some time to adjust if you planning to use CPA bidding strategy.

On a separate note I think you may need lot more conversions to use CPA bidding strategy since it need lot of conversion data to analyze the patterns to achieve best results. And THB 220 (USD 0.027666 ) seems like quite low and ok CPC from my experience Smiley Happy

Re: Ad-words Error..!?

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Thanks a lot for your reply. Yes, it comes out that I need more time to allow the system is more accurate. I think I will use the CPC bid around 1 month then I will change to CPA again. (I have just correctly tagged the conversion tracking code to the page of check out or the page of conversion)

Note: 1 USD = 32 THB. So THB 220 is around 7 USD.

Happy New Year 2016 to you.

Best wishes,