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Ad relevance low score, help please

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My add is showing  below average for "ad relevance"  and in the status for the keyword it shows "Rarely shown due to low quality score"

The keyword in question is "roofing salisbury" and my ad is as follows


  • Need a Local Roofer?
  • Call CB Roofing in Salisbury for a
  • free no obligation quote


As this is the main keyword i want to hit and had several jobs for it before i got the low quality score im desperate to get it showing properly again


I dont understand why i have a low add relevance as in the add there are the keywords roofing, roofer, and salisbury, and in my domain name there are the words roofing and salisbury, also i am a roofing company in salisbury and have linked the ad to my google places account which has an addresss in salisbury and is for my roofing company.

Cant work out how i could be more relevant




Any help would be much appretiated


Kind Regards




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Re: Ad relevance low score, help please

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Hello Philspring84;


This is a broad subject question...Smiley Happy

To address it, we have collected, in our users articles section (upper navigation bar), a few articles that will walk you through the quality score relevancy. (You can find many more, by searching the community, using the search box.)

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Re: Ad relevance low score, help please

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Google Employee

Hi Phil, 


That's a good question that comes up a fair bit.


Part of the way that 'relevance' is determined is by looking at the click through rate (CTR) of your keywords. The idea there is that if people are finding your ads useful and relevant they are more likely to click on them, so your CTR would begin to increase. 


You will begin to improve your relavence if your CTR begins to improve. Some things that might help you boost your CTR is a punchy, clear and appropriate call to action in your ads like "Call Now!" or "Book Today!". Also making sure you have relevant negative keywords could help ensure that the right users are seeing your ads. 


Hope this is useful!



Re: Ad relevance low score, help please

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Hi Phil,


Quite often, when you include location like salisbury in your keywords, you will end up with a low QS or a Low Search Volume status for your keyword. Are you using geo-targetting? If not, I suggest you look into that. That way, you can leave salisbury out of your keywords and still get the impressions and clicks you want.


I don't know how big Salisbury is or how accurately you can target that city. Sometimes you need to set your target a little broader than that, especially if users in that area a likely to use an ISP that is outside of your target area. Setting a broader target will result in impressions outside of your area. Including the area in your ads will reduce the number of clicks you get from outside your target area.


Best of Luck!



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