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Ad position in very competitive area

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Hi, hallo there! how are you?


I have a problem. Started a campaing in high competitive area which is impossible for me to outbit companies that can spend big money. I wanted to get first page but no success no matter how I try based on my budget. 


Currently My ads are targeted for whole country. 

If I will focus on local area lets say on one particular city only, with the same budget, can I get better ad position?

Is there any different between targeting whole country - local places regarding budget and competition ?


I assume most ads focus on whole country. If my ads will be targeted on one particular city or more cities, will this afflect my ad rank? Business I advertise can do services for whole country, no matter city or place but budget is simply not enough to outbit current ads which can afford first places for whole county.


thank you for your time reading this!


best regards


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Re: Ad position in very competitive area

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Hi @Michal S firstly, big companies have no direct advantage in terms of how much they can spend.  Position in the Ad auction is based upon CPC (and Quality Score), not budget, so someone with a budget of $100 a month can just as easily achieve a high position as someone with a budget of $10,000.  The difference is in the reach and the frequency of Ad serving, because those with a larger spend can afford to reach a larger audience (bigger location target, wider demographic) and/or can do so for longer (bid 24/7 with a 100% impression share).

So, to get a good position with your budget, you need to increase your CPC and/or your Quality Score, but to get a decent number of clicks per day you'll need to reduce your reach and frequency.  Targeting a smaller area, as you've suggested, is a good way to start - and it may be all you need to do if you're currently targeting the whole country.  You could also look at reducing the hours of your advertising using Ad Scheduling both by the hours in the day and/or possibly by not advertising on entire days when you know conversions are unlikely.


Remember also that your advertising should return a net profit in some form.  If you're making a profit, you should be able to increase your spend and you'll be able to (slowly) expand your reach.



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Re: Ad position in very competitive area

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Hi @Michal S,


In addition to the great advice posted by @Jon_Gritton it's perhaps also worth mentioning that targeting e.g a particular city or county may have some extra advantages in terms of targeting. I mean opportunities that corporations may occasionally oversee. To achieve that you may want to deploy geo specific keywords and ad copies. 


Say you are targeting Tucson, AZ and link to a car insurance website that is an extremely competitive area. Instead more generic ones and both in keywords ad copy texts, you may want to use terms like the ones below:


car insurance tucson

tucson az car insurance

85701 car insurance


Additionally you can study the city a bit to discover what other terms will locals be attentive to. (e.g. a river, or famous place there) That way your keywords and ads will be more relevant to each other if grouped properly while users will hopefully pay more attention to a local touch in the ad they see which may give you a comparative advantage over others. (Of course, even Tucson is way too large for a beginner.)