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Ad performance and spend down

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Is there an impact to your Adwords campaign performance after the account was paused due to an expired credit card?


The account was paused for a month until we updated the credit card details. Since it was re-activated 2 months ago our ad spend has not reached what is was previous to the pause. Could this be caused by the inactivity of our account for 1 month and we could expect it to increase over the next few months or is it more likely to do with current budget and increased competition over the last few months?

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Re: Ad performance and spend down

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Hi @Sarah H, there could be any number of factors affecting the performance, but the pause itself won't be one of them - at least not directly.  Google does not "penalise" Accounts for paused Campaigns.


However, depending on the nature of your business and your advertising, the pause could mean you're not seeing returning customers at the same level you normally would.  Advertising often causes several Ad and organic clicks from a single visitor so missing that month might have "interrupted" this process.  If this is the case, you should see things pick up again in a few weeks.


Could it be the time of year?  Do you have any AdWords or Analytics data from the same time last year?



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Re: Ad performance and spend down

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Hi Sarah H,

In the time period when the campaign was paused, the competitive landscape may have changed. Since your campaign wasn't running, you couldn't see this happen over a period of 30 days. Instead, you're seeing it all at once. I think this is the most likely reason for change in response. Look for change in position of your ads. That should give you an indication. If your position is lower now, your competitors' AdRanks have gone up while your remained largely unchanged.

You'll have to inspect your data to see if this matches up to what's really happening. I suspect you'll need to do the normal optimization of your account to improve QS and AdRank.

Best of Luck!

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