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Ad extensions: which can come together?

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Hi there,


Just looked through topics, and couldnt find answer to a simple question.


Which ad extensions, can come together in one ad?


Like -  location  ext. + sitelinks ext in one ad.


Mostly i am interesting, in social ext + sitelinks + location ext. Is it possible? All in one ad. Would be perfect.



Re: Ad extensions: which can come together?

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Well, there are no guarantees but I have seen this done before where the 3 you mention come up in one ad.


If you enter all the ad extensions it's ultimately up to Google to determine whether it's relevant to show all or some of the extensions to the user based on the perceived search user intent, however, from a practical POV I believe it is possible.


Let me know how you get on.

Jack Porter-Smith
Jack's G+