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Ad customizers scheduling

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Hi Adwords community,


For people to make use of next day delivery they need to order on sunday through friday between 00:01 and 18:00. And i want to use ad customizers to have text ads to reflect this. With some basic excel i made a countdown counter of it aswell in the last hour before the daily deadline. I tried to upload it and eventhough all rules use the same make-up, only 5 are accepted.


The lines in blue were accepted. The white lines weren't.The reason for the disapproval of the lines in white is "The value in column 'scheduling' is invalid.".



I am not used to using the AM/PM denotation system and couldn't find any literature supporting the 24h system for ad customizers. Hopefuly the problem doesn't come from there, i did look it up and think this should be right. 


Any suggestions?

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September 2015

Re: Ad customizers scheduling

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When i tried to manualy add a line i noticed these schedules are limited to hours and 15 minute increments only. Slightly annoying this limitation is not part of the help documentation. But now i know why. I'm leaving the topic here so it can be found should people have a similar question.