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Ad category not showing

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Hi everyone, I hope you are all well. I'm new to adwords so excuse me if my question has been asked before. I have a  campaignin spanish with with five ad groups (general furniture, chairs, tables, sofas, armchairs).  Only the first three of those categories are getting regular hits, with the sofas and airmchairs getting no impressiones or hits. I thought it was a budget issue so I increased it but no change. The ad group not getting impressiones or hit is my most important product so is there anyway to prioritize it in the list of adgroups?


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January 2016

Re: Ad category not showing

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Hi @James B


There is no direct method to prioritize a certain adgroup for more exposure. However, you can bid more aggressively in certain adgroup to bring in acceleration for it. 


If the adgroup in question is not getting the exposure you want, check with the following:


  • Check Ads status for the adgroup. Are the ads approved?
  • How are the keywords? Do they have enough search volume? 
  • Check keywords' status, it should either be approved or eligible
  • Is your daily budget used by other adgroups? If yes, either increase your campaign budget or create a separate campaign for adgroups with lower exposure. 
  • Fine-tune keywords. Are you using restrictive match types? If exact, try switching to phrase.
  • Check your negative keywords. Make sure you haven't added any term accidentally
    which may be stopping your ads from appearing. 


Hope it helps.


Ratan Jha



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Re: Ad category not showing

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thanks, very helpful response.