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I believe it is stg Google is doing as a strategy to make you bid even higher every time.


In my experience, i am bidding for my keyword, and with no competitor, it appears on top, on the bottom and none at all. And to test this actually I am refresing the search one after another, lets say in every 2-3 seconds which makes it very unlikely that the calculations or bidding or page quality may change. Still every time the position is different. 


Although Google explains, the best bid gets the best spot. it is almost never true!


if soneone has different explanation I will be very happy to hear.

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Hi Ben,


Your ad's position on the page is determined by your Ad Rank -- a combination of your bid, the components of Quality Score (expected clickthrough rate, ad relevance, and landing page experience), and the expected impact of extensions and other ad formatting.


Here are some tips on how to get your ads eligible for the top spots:


1. Improve your Ad Rank: Consider including more relevant information in your ads about your business to improve your expected clickthrough rate (CTR) and by creating ads with extensions, such as sitelinks. Learn more About ad position and Ad Rank


2. Focus on relevance: Make sure your keywords, ads, and landing pages are relevant to what customers are searching for. If your ads aren't relevant, they might show, but they won't get as many clicks – this leads to poor performance over time.


3. Keep your bid competitive: Try keeping your bid high enough so that you can compete with other advertisers who are also bidding on the same keywords you are. Look through the top of page bid estimates to help you figure out how much you probably need to bid to compete for a top spot on the pages.


4. Monitor your campaign results: Making small but regular improvements now could have a big impact later on.


Good Luck!




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Note: checking performance should be done with the preview tool which simulates random users without saving cookies.

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