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Ad at bottom of page

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I recently started using AdWords, and have been very excited to do so.


However, my ads are being placed at the bottom of the page, even though there is not a single ad of a competitor at the top of that particular page.


Is there a way I can move my ad up or to the side? There's no point in using AdWords if my advertisements will be at the bottom.




Re: Ad at bottom of page

Badged Google Partner
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Badged Google Partner
Brianna J,

Google show many different formats throughout the day, week, month so your ad may not always be at the bottom. ( if you meet the minimum requirements for your ads to be shown)

However sometimes when the keywords you are bidding upon don't have enough BID price google may reduce them to the bottom of the page, or not show them at all.

Since you say there is not a single competitor, then you are really playing against the house (Google) and must meet their self determined bid price to even show up. You may want to experiment and increasing your Bid prices. Normally you only pay 1 cent more then you next competitors bid and since no competitors, you are going against Google to see if they want to show your ad or not. So Increase the Bids by a few dollars to see if that pushed the location.

My suggestion is to increase your bid prices to see if that makes the ad appear higher in the interface for that keyword choice. Since no competition you have little to lose experiment on the bid prices

Re: Ad at bottom of page

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Hey Brianna,


Welcome to Adwords Community.


Avg. Position of ad depends upon below factors, if you improve these your ad position will move to top position.


Ad Rank: Ad rank calculated as your Max. CPC divided by your keyword Quality Score, if you have Ad Rank Low your ad position will increase.


Quality Score: your keyword Quality score will directly affect your avg. position. Q.S determine by Landing Page Quality, Ad relevancy and History. If you optimize your campaign to improve Q.S your ad position will increase.


Max. CPC: Max CPC is how much you are willing to pay for click. If your keyword Max CPC is good, your ad will increase position.


Also Consider adding site links and other ad extensions, ad extensions also play a key role to improve your ad position.


There are so many things to say about avg. Position I just gave an overview about it.


Below articles will guide your more about Ad position.


Hope this will help to you.