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Ad and Keyword Performance - How long do you let your ads run?

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Hi all, 


I've had more than a few people tell me that ad groups should have at least two ads running at all times, and we should track their performance. Then we should make changes to the ad copy and keywords as needed. I'm all on board for this. I'm just wondering how long you guys let your ads and keywords run before you make changes to the ad copy or to keywords. What is your advice: Do you give it a few days? A week? 


My example: I have 9 ad groups in one of my campaigns. Each ad group on average has 3-4 ads. I've made a series of changes yesterday to my ads and keywords to improve performance. I can see many of the ads/keywords have improved (Impressions, CTR & QS) and some have not. Is it too early to make changes to the ad copy? Or should I give these low performing ads/keywords time to run as is?

Ad and Keyword Performance - How long do you let your ads run?

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Set your Ad Delivery to Optimize for Conversions or Clicks

That way Google will determine the better ad and show it more often (% Served)

Have a minimum of 2 ads per adgroup

Results will depend on how many ads you are running per adgroup and how many imp. and clicks you are receiving

The more ads you are running the longer it will take Google to determine the best one

The more traffic you receive the faster Google will determine the best one

There's no set benchmark on how long you should leave them running

I suggest leaving them running for a set time. Ex. 2 weeks or 1 month or more

Check the results and see if one ad is an overwhelming favorite. If so, pause/delete the bad ones and create new adcopy


Hope that helps a little.