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Ad Scheduling and when to use it

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So I would like to futher understand what kind of actions i can make after checking the insights from my Ad Scheduling slots. For example, I'm getting as you can see in the screenshots very low impressions on Saturday and Sunday, makes sense, its the weekend, but how can this help me improve my campaign. I'm paying for clicks after all, so even if the weekend is a slow period, im still paying only for the actual clicks.





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Re: Ad Scheduling and when to use it

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Hello @Yehia_A,

The best way to take advantage of custom ad scheduling is to run ads when you want them to or not, and to adjust bid management for the dayparting based upon performance. I see you currently running day long dayparting (meaning you have tuesday and its respective hours, wednesday and its respective hours, and so forth). A good practice is to consider shorter time periods for more granular analysis and bid optimization work via the bid adjustment columns (which you currently have not applied bids to).

More importantly, what are the key metrics of your account to determine whether or not success is achieved? CPA? ROAS? A certain number of conversions? Without the goal, the data you provided does not help. Before running advertising, PPC advertisers should consider the business goals and what they wish to achieve. Have you answered this question?



Re: Ad Scheduling and when to use it

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Hello Yehia,

LIke Nick C mentioned, the point of doing a custom ad scheduling is run ads when you want to or not. But Ad scheduling also allows you to determine the amount of money you wish to pay for certain hours of the day. Judging by the scheduling done in your account (from the screenshots), you or your account manager has chosen to show ads only during the hours of Noon - 9 PM everyday. This could be a call taken basis the clients needs or basis performance seen during these hours in the past.

NIck has also rightly mentioned that you need to decide on your performance KPI's first before getting into ad scheduling. Basis that, you can take a call what scheduling you wish to. If you are looking to drive leads (form fills) on your website, then first thing you need to do is set up conversion tracking and see those numbers populate in your account and then look at this report.

If it's just driving Clicks to your website then you need to see the most profitable hours/days for you. But at the moment, the setup you have will give you limited insight into the performance. You need to open up the scheduling to show ads throughout the day and then take a call as per performance recorded.

Lastly, do not just block out hours in a day for your campaigns unless its a directive from your client. Try and show ads throughout the day first and then if you see that a few hours in a day (example - 9 AM - 11 AM) is not profitable for you (as per your KPI) you can do bid adjustment to keep a lower visibility during those hours. Bid Adjustment will allow you to lower bids automatically during certain periods of the day (lowest period allowed is 15 mins), this way you maintain good visibility and at the same time make it as profitable as possible.

Hope this Helps!

Shashank Singh, AdWords Rising Star |
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