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Ad Scheduling and Bidding Options

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Sometimes when you are using multiple features together (bidding strategies, bid adjustments, ad scheduling), there can be limitations. Niharika from the AdWords team is here to give us more information on using ad scheduling and bidding options.


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Re: Ad Scheduling and Bidding Options

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Hi Community,
So here is how automatic bidding and ad scheduling with bid adjustments interact.

There are two key areas to consider when it comes to bidding for your AdWords account: Manual vs Automatic bidding, and implementing bid adjustments. Before you decide how you are going to use these features, first consider if you will use ad scheduling as this may have an impact.

Does Automatic Bidding work with Ad scheduling?
Yes it does. Being a recent up-grade, you may be getting the error message in the account as the interface may not have updated with the functionality of your account. But you can set up ad scheduling and it will work with automatic bidding in the campaign, running only in the hours set in ad scheduling settings.

Does Bid adjustment for ad schedule work with Automatic Bidding?
No, it doesn't work. Automatic bidding is a bid adjustment system that changes bidding according to time (raising or decreasing bids during the day), so it will ignore other time-related bid adjustments, like advanced schedule bid adjustment.

So, if you create an entry in ad scheduling to run ads Monday from 9 AM to 12 PM using +30% bid adjustment, automatic bidding campaign will run campaign from 9 AM to 12 PM, but bids will be chosen by automatic bidding system and the +30% adjustment will be ignored.

You can check the campaign statistics from the hourly reports in Dimensions tab. This will help understand the click activity based on the hour of the day.