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Ad Scheduling: How to decide when

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Hi to everyone,


We are thinking about implementing Ad Scheduling. Our business has opening and closing times with a call center but it wouldn't be prudent to just stop our ads showing during the rest of ours because an eCommerce is set up.


Our problem comes when we have to adjust our bidding or simply stopping it. Customers behavior changes through the year (People buy at different times during Xmas than in March, and different ones during the summer).


So what would you base your decision on? Would you change the adjustments for example every week? If so, do you base your decision on the data of the previous month or the same month previous year?


Thank you for you help. I expresses my doubts clearly enough,



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Re: Ad Scheduling: How to decide when

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Hi Alberto,

After you have started running your campaigns for a while ( i would say about 2 weeks) you will be able to figure it out on your own based on the following.

You can go to Dimensions Tab in Adwords and select Time and Day of the week, in order to examine if the weekdays are performing better than weekends. Next, select the Time and hour of the day in order to see which hours have the best results for your website. Make sure to select on the left the campaign that you want to examine otherwise you will see the reports for all campaigns.

Examine CTR, Cost and of course conversions 1 per click in order to make the proper decisions for the bid adjustment.

You can also have these reports if you are in the campaigns tab and select segment Time- Day of the week or Time- Hour of the day. Whichever works easier for you.


Re: Ad Scheduling: How to decide when

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Hi Alberto, excellent question.  Ad Scheduling (and bid adjustments) can be a really important part of optimising an Account but you do have to be quite careful.  Specifically, it's important to recognise that "conversions" are often not a "one-click, one sale" affair.  For example, let's say you examine your AdWords data and see that most of your conversions occur between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.  It may seem obvious then to restrict your Ads to those times.  However, AdWords attributes conversions to the first click on an Ad, regardless of how many other clicks there are before the actual sale.  So, it could be that people are browsing your website during office hours (while the boss isn't looking), but then go home, do the same search, click your Ad again and then buy what they were looking at earlier.  So it could be that the second click happened at 7pm, or 10pm, maybe on a Saturday.  If you switch your Ads off at those times, you may find that an Ad for your competitor appears instead and if they sell the same product...


It's therefore a good idea to check a couple of key reports.  Firstly, take a look at the Search Funnel reports within your Conversion tab in the AdWords UI.  Look especially at "Time Lag" and "Top Paths", look at how long it is typically between first click and conversion, look at how many clicks of any kind typically happen before a sale.


More About Search Funnels


I'd also look at Search Funnels in your Google Analytics Account as this can report last click attribution, which may give you a better idea of exactly when your customers are actually profitably interacting with your site.




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Re: Ad Scheduling: How to decide when

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Although the overall analysis was brilliant, AdWords attributes conversions to the first click ?


I am not so sure after reading these :


It looks to me as if nowadays AdWords uses the last click attribution, but I am in a learning stage so any explanation will help.


Re: Ad Scheduling: How to decide when

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Hi Adrian,

Please see this link.
Adwords attributes conversions to last click. However, you can go to conversions and search funnels and view first click analysis

Re: Ad Scheduling: How to decide when

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Thanks for all your answers.

@Cobnut wrote:

However, AdWords attributes conversions to the first click on an Ad, regardless of how many other clicks there are before the actual sale.



Cobnut did you mean the last click?


Thank you very much for your explanation. I know how to segment by hour in dimensions but definitely not about search channels. We will take this into consideration when taking a decision. I think we will set up ad scheduling and then review it every 3 months so we can adapt to customer behavior through the year.


Thanks again. Love this community already. Very helpful and willing to help Smiley Happy