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Hi, recently most of my quality score have been dropping. I am getting below ad relevancy for my keywords and I have no idea why.

one of the ad I use is


Irvine Computer Repair
Best Irvine Computer Repair Service
Microsoft Certified! 555-555-5555



My keyword irvine pc repair have a score of 5 and average ad relevancy

My keyword irvine computer repair have a score of 2 and below average ad relevancy


I have no idea why the ad relevancy for irvine computer repair is lower than irvine pc repair.

Does any one know why computer repair is getting below average relevancy while pc repair is getting average?




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Re: Ad Relevance

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Hi OneStopPc,


Chances are that irvine pc repair was less frequently used in an unprofessional way in the past, than irvine computer repair. Google probably sent out lots of vouchers to your competitors who used them up in a poor way. (From Google's perspective poor usage means first of all a low CTR%.)


To answer the second part of the question my best guess is that either the Google-wide CTR% or your own CTR% or both dropped recently relative to your keywords, which reduced QS values.




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Re: Ad Relevance

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Unfortunately, @Lakatos is probably right. This type of competitive industry, where not too high of a percentage of people are clicking on the paid ads, is quite possibly driving the quality scores down.

This is an automated system, so it doesn't necessarily have to make sense.

Check the Google Opportunities tab, and see how your CTR's (click through rate) is doing vs. your competitors in Google's eyes. You may want to try analyzing your competitors ad copy, and brainstorm ways of making your offer stand out (e.g.

same day computer repair
Guaranteed to get your computer working
free consultation.

You can see more information about using the Google Opportunities "analyze competition" tab here in Google's help section: