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Ad Relevance Below Average despite keyword relevence

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I've been running an always- on campaign for over a year now. The price keeps changing, but the overall product, LP and Keywords are always the same.

Things had been running great, I'd achieved the lowest CPC I ever had in the campaign over the last few months.

Then last week I started running new ad groups in the campaign because there was a sale on the product - keyword relevance, in title, great LP, exact and broad matches... pure text book according to Google.

Day after i uploaded the new adgroups suddenly my QS dropped to below average, I dropped from 1st place to 2nd or 3rd, and have had to increase my bid by 25% to keep 1st position!

Searching the web I found that quite a few have tackled this problem, but none have an answer for it. 

My google account manager seems to be stumped on this as well.

Anyone have any suggestions? LP is great, with high relevance to keywords, and no new keywords were added.

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Re: Ad Relevance Below Average despite keyword relevence

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Hi @lee f "Ad Relevance" is actually influenced by Quality Score, not the other way around, so Keyword Relevance (in terms of matching words, site, etc.) may be unrelated to the problem (as Quality Score looks at lots of different signals).  See here:


The good news is that it's possible this is temporary; all new Keywords have to gather their own data to get a more accurate Quality Score so it's possible that in the next day or so you'll see things change.  How are you doing on other metrics related to Quality Score, CTR for example?
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