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Ad Position

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Hi Community, 


I have been thinking about Ad Position and how it's an average of multiple placements/positions. I am unclear on the answers to the following questions and hopefully you pros in the community can help answer them.  


1. Just how many ads are allowed on one page? I know some say up to 10. Do we know for sure? It sure appears that for highly competitive keywords, there may be more than 10.


2. If the only ads that appear in SERP appears at the bottom, what's the ad position? ex. If I'm the first ad on the bottom and there are only 3 ads showing up on the bottom and only 3 on page 1 of SERP, is my ad position 1? If not, is Top vs. Other report the place to check the difference? I've been looking into Top vs. Other report and I want to make sure I really know what Top vs. Other mean. 


3. Are the same ads recurring on page 2, 3 etc? I have plenty of screenshots to prove that's not the case. In that case (i.e. page 2 results is different from page 1 result), how is ad position calculated? There are at least two scenarios that I've noted. Scenario 1 is my ad is on both page 1 and 2. Is my ad position the average of the 2 (and their perspective ad position on the pages) or Scenario 2 where my ad is only on page 2. In this case, I think taking position on the page is very misleading when it comes to analyzing performance. As we all know, people rarely go to page 2 of SERP so if Google counts page 2 position 1 as ad position 1, that's not really the same as position 1 on page 1.


Hope some of you have wondered about the same questions and have answers. Looking forward to all of your insights!!!


Thanks for your time in advance.



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Re: Ad Position

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Hi @Chenchen W;


The max number of ad slots is 13:  3 at the top, 8 on the side, and 2 at the bottom. But rarely Google will fill the page with more than 11 ads. (Assuming that there are 3 ads eligible for 3 top positions)


"An ad position of "1" means that your ad is the first ad on a page". (See source linked below) 


And as to, "how ads are circulated through the pages" - this is a complex algorithm, which was once explained in an article, but apparently was removed from the help center. You could find a short explanation on this help article:

Understanding ad position and Ad Rank

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