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Ad Performance: Drop in visits

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I recently turned off the Display Campaign Optimizer for one of my Display Ads. The reason I did this was because I noticed there were more clicks from automatic placements then the managed placements. Automatic placements took up more than 60% of my budget but gave me lower CTR and highter cost/conv. 


The next day I noticed a great drop in my visits form managed placements. I tried increasing my max CPC (I'm using manual CPC bidding) but there was little improvement. Visits are about 25% of what I use to get. The CTR has improved and so has cost/conv but the low visits is not giving me the max benefit of it.


Hope you experts and give me some pointers. Thanks



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Re: Ad Performance: Drop in visits

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Good morning.


Simply turning off the Optimizer means that the system is no longer trying to get you the most sales/conversions/clicks. It doesn't change or improve the site selection for your ads.


Instead of turning off the Display Campaign Optimizer feature, it might have produced better results if you just monitored the automatic placements the system was giving you and excluded them one-by-one when you were certain you'd identified ones that were not producing a good return on investment. (ROI)


You might consider running two campaigns--one for your Managed placements and a separate one for your Automatic placements. That way you can keep successful tactices in place for your Managed placements and experiment to see how to get the best performance from Automatic placements.


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Re: Ad Performance: Drop in visits

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Thanks for the input. Am still new to AdWords and your pointers really helped.