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Ad Group Optimization

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Hi Everyone,


Want to say thanks in advance for any help you might be able to provide.


I am looking for some advice or suggestions on the best way to setup my ad groups.  Overall there are 6 keywords (towing, towing service, towing company, tow truck, tow truck service, tow truck company) that can be sub out to 3-4 different searches.  For example: cheap towing, towing in {city}, towing near, and local towing or cheap tow truck, tow truck in {city}, tow truck near, and local tow truck.  We have a very good negative keyword database to remove a lot of unwanted searches.


Daily Budgets vary from 10 a day to 30 a day.


Which setup do you think would be best (if there is a best!).


Example #1: 3 Ad Groups (Cheap KW, In KW, Near KW, and Local KW)

Example #2: 6 Ad Groups (Cheap Towing KW, Cheap Tow Truck KW, Towing In KW, Tow Truck In KW, Towing Near KW, Tow Truck Near KW, Local Towing KW, Local Tow Truck KW).

Example #3: 12 Ad Groups (Cheap Towing Service KW, Cheap Towing Company KW, Cheap Tow Truck Service KW, Cheap Tow Truck Company KW....  and so on)


I think the biggest problem is first the daily budgets.  Because they are not that big just not sure they are getting the traffic they should/can be and the second part (which I am not sure if it is an issue) is singular vs plural KW.


With all this I have to create the proper Ads to fit the KWs.  We use 5 ad ext which helps our Ad Rank too.


Any help/advice/input would be appreciated!


~ Thanks ~


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Re: Ad Group Optimization

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Hi Joe
Great question. I'm a fan of the 12 ad group approach that you mentioned. You can create ad copy that's hyper relevant and competitors (still) rarely do this so you'd be giving yourself a huge advantage.

However, in terms of budget, you're right, you don't want to spread yourself too thin. In your case, I'd expand slowly to see what budgets would be needed. Separating them all out may even give you better visibility into where you need to be assigning that budget. You might even consider TEMPORARILY increasing your budget to see where you really need to be. No point guessing when a few days worth of data will give you the answer. It's money well spent in my opinion, even if there's zero conversions.

Re: Ad Group Optimization

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I am testing a few out and will keep you posted!