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Ad Appearance on Product listing ads

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Hi all,


We have our Product Listing Ads correctly setup: We have stats showing on the Adwords's Campaign.


However, we are encountering this issue:

A search on a product is only triggering 1 Ad out of 10-20 searches (On either Google Search Result Page or the Google Shopping Page)


(I refreshed many times in Chrome-incognito)


I see that the ads for our competitors are constantly shown, but not ours.


I have set a relatively high Max CPC in Auto-targets ($1), and the Average CPC is just $0.5~$0.6.


I would like to know how I may improve our Product Listing Ads on both Google Search Results & Shopping Results


Thank you very much!



Ray H

Re: Ad Appearance on Product listing ads

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Community Manager
Hi Ray,

It sounds like your PLA campaign is running but you're just not seeing it every single time you do a search. Honestly, this is expected. Since AdWords is an auction-model, each search is a different auction, and different results with show.

However, if you're wanting to maximize the amount of times your ad shows, I'd focus on three things:
(1) Your bid - I know you said you had your auto target bid set at $1, but PLA auctions that I see can be even more expensive than that.
(2) Your budget - If you're consistently hitting your daily budget, we may not show your ad every time because we're trying to spread your budget out throughout the day. If you fall into this bucket, you might want to consider increasing your budget or scheduling your ads to only run at certain times.
(3) Your feed attributes - Take care to ensure that all the data in your Merchant Center feed is high quality and very specific. This can help ensure that your PLA shows to the most relevant user when they're searching for what you offer.

Here's a great resource on tracking your PLA performance that also might be worth a read:

Hope that helps!