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Ad A/B testing, Ad rotation won't work

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Dear community,
I would like to test new ads against my existing ones. I have already added them a couple of weeks ago but they aren't still receiving any impressions. I read in an article that because of the high quality score of my existing ads, it could be that even with the "rotate indefinitely" setting, my new ads won't be shown.
So my question would be: if I want to test old ads against new ads I probably have to set up both ads as new and pause the existing one in the meantime.

Thank you for your help!

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Re: Ad A/B testing, Ad rotation won't work

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Hi @Gabriel W "rotate indefinitely" should always do exactly that, regardless of the quality of your other Ad(s) so it's likely there's another explanation.  Have these new Ads been approved?  Are you looking at the correct time period?  What message do you see when you hover over the status bubble for each Ad?



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Ad A/B testing, Ad rotation won't work

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In case you select rotate indefinitely, it would select the multiple ad copies from your existing ad group and rotate them during the ad auction process. Here's what the documentation quotes:-


Rotate indefinitely

Like the rotate evenly setting, the rotate indefinitely setting delivers your ads more evenly into the ad auction, but does so for an indefinite amount of time and does not optimize.

Because this option allows lower-performing ads to run as often as higher-performing ads for an indefinite period of time, this option is not recommended for most advertisers.


More details here:-


Let us know if this helps!



Ad A/B testing, Ad rotation won't work

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Hi @Jon_Gritton, 


thank you for your quick response. The ads have been approved two weeks ago and I am only looking at this period. I am not really sure what you mean by the status bubble as I only have this bubble under the keywords tab. Anyhow, the status says "approved".