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I made a campaign almost a year back. The campaign was not well organized, each ad group contained many keywords. But after an year most of the keywords have got good quality score.
But now I feel I should make a separate campaign for each ad group. What Should I do?

Will it effect the QS of my keywords?


Kindly help me in this regard.



Syed Sayem Mustafa

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Re: Account Structurea

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Good morning.


The only reason to split keywords into separate campaigns is if you want to use different settings on the Campaigns tab for them. (That is, different kinds of bidding, different geographic targeting, etc.)


If you just want to reorganize your campaign into smaller, more tightly themed Ad Groups, you could just add more Ad Groups to the existing campaign.


The keyword quality scores may "bounce around" a bit at first but should soon settle back to the levels they're at now.

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Re: Account Structurea

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Hello Sayem,


I believe that a good account structure tends to yield good results for long time.


Quality Score is a dynamic metric and is calculated everytime a search query is matched with the keyword you are using in your account. Of course there are other factors also which comes into picture when we talk about QS.


If your account is well structured in terms of grouping (theme based) and relevant ad copies sending the users to specific destination URL, that would be great. Read more about account structure here:


For QS, first thing to work upon would be your CTR. Make sure you have excellent CTR because if that's high, this would create a direct impact on your QS. Hee's one old famous and traditional thread by Googler Tanmay which is very-very informative: /t5/Basics-for-New-Advertisers/Ingredients-of-the-Quality-Score-sauce/td-p/12344


You should read this and try to implement the changes in your account accordingly.