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Account Structure Regions

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I'm thinking about restructuring a campaign I am running, with the main goal of leading to more conversions.


At the minute I have site A which is targeted through the whole of England, the landing page is all geared up tightly to keywords/adgroups => specific landing pages. 


We do business right through the England, however we want to do more business in some places were we really convert. So I have locations in England that we bid more on, example Liverpool +30% Bid Adjustment.


Now I am considering building a new landing site as a test for one location (e.g Liverpool) to see if a focused lander for that region should convert even better. In theory it sounds the way to go. Even though we do business right through England it makes sense to target locations that we do more business in that little bit more.


However I'm trying to get the best way to structure this campaign so i can still run both.


I'm thinking this is the only way...

Full Campaign (A) => Targets England and Other Locations.

Test Campaign (B) => Focused on the location Liverpool.


We still want the full campaign to target the whole of England but want to send target Liverpool traffic to a Liverpool focused lander. 

Is the best option to just Exclude Liverpool in the locations in the Full Campaign?

Would this cause any conflicts?


Thanks in advance for any input.




Re: Account Structure Regions

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Hi Gforce,


Question - Is the best option to just Exclude Liverpool in the locations in the Full Campaign?


Yes you can exclude the Liverpool location in he Full Campaign. Please find below the steps:-


Sign in to your AdWords account at

  • Click the Campaigns tab.
  • Click the name of the campaign you wish to edit to open your campaign settings.
  • Click the Settings tab.
  • Click Edit next to "Locations."
  • There are two ways you can exclude a location: ...
  • Click Save to save your settings.

Please find below the URL for more details.


I hope this will help you.




Re: Account Structure Regions

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Thanks for your answer.
Do you think that is the way to go to target certain locations better. Dedicated Lander content focused on Location & Campaign per region?

I do know how to exclude locations. I was looking for a bit more insight if anyone has any experience if this works better, is this a structure that is widely used.


Re: Account Structure Regions

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Yes. This is the correct way to target the location based campaign so that you can judge your campaign performance in terms of better ROI and optimize your campaigns accordingly and set more budget on the performing campaigns for more ROI.


Please find belwo the reason for setup Geo-based campaigns:-


  • It Is Incredibly Easy To Set Up location based campaigns.
  • Certain Locations Can Be Excluded To Cut Wasted Spend
  • Budget Can Be Allocated To The Best Performing Location
  • Tailored Ads Can Be Created To Increase Click-Thru-Rate
  • Tailored Landing Pages Can Be Created To Increase Conversion Rate
  • Keywords Are Controlled At The Location Level
  • Receive More Knowledge About Your Competitors
  • Stop Overbidding In Low CPC Areas
  • Better Control Generally Means Better Performance
  • It Gets Results.
  • Save Time With Quick And Easy Analysis
  • There Is Even More Information To Report




Keywords Performance - Might be your one keywords performance is good in Liverpool campaign but that specific keywords will not perform then you can optimize that specific keywords according to the location based campaign.


You can also analyse other metrics easily if you have created locations wise campaign.







Re: Account Structure Regions

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Hi gforce,

When you separate campaigns you can meet problem of "Low search volume" - - if volume of queries in Liverpool will be low AdWords will not show your ads even if bid will be high.

I advice you to use location bid adjustment then you can raise bid for Liverpool and gain more clicks and conversions.

Also good practise is to show different content for specific people.

You can integrate Google Tag manager then you can set up trigger that can change title/content of web-page/contacts/images if user are from specific location. That will help to show what people are want to find.

As alternative you can use script on your site that redirect people with specific IP range to specific landing page.