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Account Is Lagging - moderate to advanced help needed

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Hi All


Been using AdWords for around 4 years now. I'm at the stage where in order to optimise the account I've become a little stuck.


I use negative keywords heavily.


In terms of keyword matching, I previously used BMM heavily.


Now I have split keywords into different ad-groups for different match types. For example.........


Decorator MK (Ad-Group) > Decorator MK

Decorator MK (Ad-Group) > +decorator +mk

Decorator MK (Ad-Group) > "decorator mk"


I do this with all my keywords, I put them all in individual ad-groups seperately with x2 ad's as a split test.


Anyway, I've got lots of data now but feeling confused as to what to do next, how to further optimise. Any ideas?

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Re: Account Is Lagging - moderate to advanced help needed

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Hey John,

Nice question, and I will try and guide you a bit further here. The bad news first though: The topic is rather broad and not sure how much you have done already, so I will just lay out a few points to be used as needed.

Firstly, I like the different ad groups for match types (my preferred set up), just want to make sure that you are using embeded negatives, So the stronger match types are negatives in the broader groups (make sense?). This way you are ensuring that the stronger match types are receiving all the matching traffic and there is no need to have a tiered bidding structure.

Personally I do not use broad or phrase, I find BMM and exact are usually sufficient. I did notice that you hade no exact match, and this is something I would highly recommend especially for your high volume and profitable keywords.

Further places to optimise:

Have you looked into day parting/ad scheduling? do a full on analysis of what times of day and days of the week are profitable for you and adjust your bids accordingly.
learn more here:

Another area to optimise is your ad extensions. Make them more personalised and applicable to specific ad groups as well as do A/B testing on the various extensions just as you would with your ads in order to determine the effectiveness of the extensions. Remember to use all avaliable information, such as general data, 'click type' & 'this extension vs other'.

Have you looked at search partners data? that may be another area to optimise

as well as location targeting, perhaps certain areas are more profitable for you than others.

another area would be mobile optimisation. Using mobile preferred ads is a good place to start as these ads now perform differently to normal text ads (eg the second description line may me 'dropped' to show an extension).

These are a few places to start, let me know if any of these are helpful or you need more information on any of them.


Re: Account Is Lagging - moderate to advanced help needed

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Hi johntriplis,


I personally do not advocate keywords-match-based account structure much. As it makes the account complex both for AdWords, and for me. However, such structure has its own benefits and is loved by many.


What I have noticed that in such campaigns, one usually intends to bid lesser on Broad Match and higher on Exact - obviously because of relevancy. But to me, the Broad Match groups should not be restricted much in terms of bids/budget. Such adgroups can be used as keywords research tool. Found a profitable keyword in your broad match campaign? Add it as keyword to the Exact Match, and as  a negative to the Broad and Phrase match groups. Adjust bids and write more targeted ad copies to improve performance. 


The second thing, as you are split testing your ad copies already, you can keep optimizing them according to the historical performance. Analyze keywords, refer to the search terms report in your broad and phrase match campaigns, and keep bringing the profitable ones into the Exact group. 


Keep an eye on Impression Share, and aim to get higher IS for Exact Match group. Adjust bids, budgets, ad copies, and landing pages to increase IS and conversions. 


Now your aim should be to get more relevant keywords, and more IS on the best converting keywords. With this in mind you can keep optimizing the different aspects.


My two cents!



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Re: Account Is Lagging - moderate to advanced help needed

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Hi johntriplis,


As Clynton said, this is a very broad topic so without some more details we can only guess as to where you need to go, but here's some ideas of my own.


Keywords:  I'm going to disagree slightly with the posted remarks so far in terms of forcing matches and bidding higher on more exact terms.  There's no need to force matches for a particular type as AdWords will automatically choose the "best" Keyword for a given search term where more than one matches.  Likewise, bidding more for the exact/tighter match may not be the best option.  What you need to look at is which one has the best performance and bid more aggressively there.  


In many cases the exact/tighter match will have better relevance, but it is possible for the best converting Keywords to be looser matches.  I have more than one client where the nature of the business is such that converting search terms tend to be unique and quite personal to the user so Phrase or MBM match Keywords always perform better than Exact.


So, in terms of your Keywords, you should be looking at your data and considering your bids, your average position and whether you can "cull" any that underperform.  Make sure you take into account assisted conversions - don't remove Keywords that are frequently at the start (or end) of the conversion process, only those that don't help at all.


Website:  Have you considered improving your site?  It's very common to see people here talking only about their AdWords Account but it's your website that is responsible for everything that happens after the Ad is clicked and often it can be the weak point in the chain.  Try to look at your site with fresh eyes or, better yet, get a friend or colleague to visit it and try to buy something (or whatever your conversion target is).


Conversion tracking.  I'm assuming you're tracking some form of conversion, but are you tracking all those possible?  Consider micro-conversions - views of key pages, downloads, button clicks, etc. that'll give you more information about the performance of your Keywords.


Ads:  You said you use 2 Ads per Group; what do you do with these?  Personally I tend to use 3 or 4, but the whole point is that they must be updated regularly once data shows a performance hike in one or another.  Make sure your Ads aren't getting stale and, like your site, try to create some new ones every month or so that keep the Ads interesting.


We can probably give you a lot more targeted advice if you can give us a better idea of what you're looking to achieve.  Is it better ROAS, more sales, improved conversion rates?



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