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About Google AD placement

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Hi I am Santosh, I am leraning PPC online with the help of Google but I have some issue like where the Google AD will show i and on which order in google serp.

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Re: About Google AD placement

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Hello Santosh,


Welcome to the community Smiley Happy


Your ads can show in a number of places depending on what networks you choose to run. The following link explains all of this very well -


Where your ads can appear


In summary, if you are looking to display your ads on Google's search engine then you will need to look into the Search Network. You will notice that sponsored ads are commonly shown on the right side column beside the natural listing and also above the list at times. The "order" (usually referred to as "position") is determined by your ad rank which is calculated by a combination of your quality score and keyword bid, you can find out more information on understanding ad position via the link included.


If you have any additional specific questions or need any of the material within the links explaining then just let us know!

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Re: About Google AD placement

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Here is a screenshot. The highlighted part is where paid ads are shown on Google SERP:

- Neeti Ghildiyal
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