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A mystery called "Quality Score"

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To me, the Quality Score seems to be the most unsolved, even mysterious component. Here's one example: When it comes to highly competitive markets, the "Hard Core" keywords can never gain a high QS, in spite of highly relevant components: keywords, ads, landing pages. Some of my colleges have even suggested that the QS is a relative variable which is affected not only by the quality of the campaign itself, but also by AdWords competitive campaigns out there.

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September 2015

Hi Arnon.  I don't know why you think the QS is mysteriou...

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Hi Arnon.  I don't know why you think the QS is mysterious, it's really very simple.  Of course, you have to take into account the current phase of the moon, the price of squid in Hong Kong, and the blood type of your great-grandfather but after that it's all plain sailing.


Seriously though, if there's one thing we see a lot of here, it's questions about QS and unfortunately, there are no easy answers.  I have keywords that I simply cannot get above 7/10 and others that have been 10/10 since the day they were born.  For me though, the key elements seem to be:


  • CTR.  Get your CTR as good as you can and keep it that way.
  • Relevancy.  Make sure your keywords really tightly match your ad copy and landing pages.  I've seen a ton of advertisers with only one group and 5 ads.  They're all broadly the same topic but you may need to have a lot more groups and much more tightly matched ads and landing pages.
  • Look out for other things like landing page load time.  It always seems to say "OK", but "OK" seems to cover a wide range.  Make your landing pages as fast as you can.  Employ gzip compression, think about images, JS, etc.

Having said all this, I think there are some products/services that simply won't allow a 10/10.  The ones that will always be a little "vague" on searches, etc.



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Hi Jon, I think the introduction to QS was really well wr...

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Hi Jon, I think the introduction to QS was really well written. Smiley Happy


I smell a Wiki article coming... :) E

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I smell a Wiki article coming...

Smiley Happy


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Hi, Arnon.   Here's an AdWords book, dedicated to Quality...

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Hi, Arnon.


Here's an AdWords book, dedicated to Quality Score ALONE:


You are right in thinking that it is mysterious, and it's also very complex. And will never be fully revealed. But there are parts which can be understood, and there are best practices which, when employed, can give you a certain degree of control.

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