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A Question About Quality Score, Ad Rank, and Cost

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I’ve noticed across two separate accounts which are targeting the same keywords, that it seems Ad Rank is not simply determined by Max CPC x Quality Score.


Therefore, if two separate accounts have the same quality score for a keyword, let’s say the keyword: [cheap vegas weddings], then one would assume the keyword that has the highest Max. CPC / Bid would have the highest Ad Rank.


I have noticed however, that while both accounts have a QS of 7 for the keyword, account “A” can appear in the top position on the page at a cost of £2, while account “B” would need to pay £8 in order to appear at the top of the page.


Meanwhile if the Max. CPC bids are altered so that account A’s is set to £1, and account B’s is set to £2, account A will have a much higher Ad Rank.


So it seems that there is an additional variable included within the formula for calculating Ad Rank…


Max. CPC x QS x ? = Ad Rank

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Re: A Question About Quality Score, Ad Rank, and Cost

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Firstly, The main 2 components of the Ad Rank are Bids and Quality Score, the third new competent is ''Impact from your extensions and other ad formats" . More about Ad Rank:-

Secondly, in terms of quality score, you should know that the number shown in your account is not the actual number that used in the real auction. Here's what Google says about this:-

"It’s easy to think that the Quality Score number of 1 to 10 is connected directly to the
auction. But during a real-time auction we also consider many additional factors, like the
user’s exact query, their device, their location and the time of day. Those aren’t directly
reflected in the Quality Score you see in your account."

"We’re continually improving the way that we calculate the quality of your ads, and that
calculation will never be captured by a simple 1-10 number. That’s why we call it a guide,
not a precise metric."

"Remember, too, that there are differences between auction-time quality and the 1-10
Quality Score number that appears in your account. Your Quality Score will give you
insight into how you’re performing, but “chasing the number” shouldn’t be the focus of
your optimizations. Be relevant, be compelling and drive traffic to landing pages that
deliver on what you promise in your ad, and you can feel confident your score should
reflect that quality."

Finally, I highly recommend reading the last Google Quality Score White Paper.

Re: A Question About Quality Score, Ad Rank, and Cost

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How come you have two accounts using the same keywords targeting the same website?

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