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A Client from a new industry - how to research

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I 'm part of the team at a a small agency and there's a very general question that we have to deal with often, one that we had yet to find a good answer to.


Let's say we've managed to get a test budget from a new potential client, in some cases this client will be from an industry\vertical that we don't have any past experience with - for example; A medical app with a freemium model, when we never did any medical apps before.


Now since this is a test budget and our chance to show positive results, we are always worried that a large portion of the budget would be lost in initial efforts to "feel" the market and to find the right audience, this is even a bigger problem when we are dealing with an experienced client that has a lot of experience in AdWords and is expecting us to outperform past campaigns.


I might naive but is there any source of information for:

  1. Benchmarks per vertical\industry
  2. Recommended audience or segmentation per vertical\industry


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Re: A Client from a new industry - how to research

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To be honest with you, AdWords never talk about any minimum budget engagement since that is something which is totally at the advertiser end how much he is willing to spend. From AdWords perspective, reports like Auction Insights Report help you benchmark your competitors upto certain level. I am not sure about the second question, is this specific to AdWords Display network or what exactly are you looking for in that?


Re: A Client from a new industry - how to research

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Hi @Colin Hought I doubt you'll find anything that'll give you useful data in terms of verticals, there's just too many variables involved.  For example, I found this recent post by Wordstream interesting:


but is it actually useful in terms of setting CPCs or Keywords?  The data shown there suggests an average CTR for Medical as 1.79%, but averages like this when they're combined from hundreds or possibly thousands of different Accounts are virtually meaningless.  


If your client is an experienced AdWords user then they really should understand why you cannot expect to hit top performance from day one.  Even with reams of data for your vertical, you're still going to need to tweak and adjust and if they think anyone can come in and hit the ground running I'd say their expectations are unreasonable.




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