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A/B Testing Display Ads

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Hey guys,


This is my first post in this community, but I love the collaborative information found here so I want to be more involved. 


I am starting a campaign for a very picky client. My agency has generated two different display ads that I want to push to the same targeting on the display network> Both versions have the same goal and same landing page, but are slightly different designs and CTAs. I want to run a 30 day test to determine which design is the top performer. 


What strategy of Google Adwords A/B testing would you recommend is best for this situation? 


Thanks Adwords heros,


Stephen Jr

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September 2015

Re: A/B Testing Display Ads

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Hi Stephen,
You can use campaign experiments :

However, for such a simple test, I'd just run the ads, set to "display evenly" in the delivery settings and then compare the results after a given time. This way, you don't have to explain (or defend) your experiment choices to your client and it will be much easier for him/her to understand.

Re: A/B Testing Display Ads

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Was going to try campaign experiments, but was unable to with my automatic bid type. I am running them with even rotation as the delivery setting now!

I'll check back on this post in 30 days and let you guys know the value of the results.

Happy bidding.

Re: A/B Testing Display Ads

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@Stephen H As for your follow up question:

Remember that you cannot set a campaign experiment  with auto bidding or enhanced CPC active, since those are set at the campaign level.


>>"In addition, you can't set up experiments with automatic bidding or enhanced CPC because these features work on the campaign level. You'll need to disable these features to run an experiment, and you won't be able to turn them on for any campaigns that are already running an experiment.



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