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9k cliks in 1 month, no response

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Have tried adwords since 6 october but not received a single sale, need optimization help, prefer display network and picture ads, what is the missing link preventing the website from generating interest and sales?

some facts:

*free website made with wix
*search engine keywords generated nothing but increased traffic but had good quality score
*the keywords I need are too expensive such as; charity, donation, etc
*need keyword help, took the easy route of display network in meantime
*The purpose of the website and product is guild membership, teaching of certain skills and self help, social movement
*display ads lots of clicks but no sales, decent ctr
*Installed conversion tracker and made changes to landing page to encourage customer interaction without additional clicks to navigate the contact form
*daily budget around $15

I fear that something is awry with initial clicks, 9000 visits in 1½ month but no customer response, it is disturbing


landing page:

Re: 9k cliks in 1 month, no response

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Hi Count d,


Welcome to the forum! You raised a lot of good questions.  The first thing to mention is that there are two different areas that you need to consider: firstly, you need to make sure that you are targeting the right audience but secondly, you need to make sure that you are receiving them well and facilitating conversion.


A few notes/questions about your targeting/optimizations:

  • Display campaigns can generate a lot of traffic but you have to be pretty selective about your targeting, especially if you aren't an established brand.  Otherwise, you can wind up with a lot of irrelevant traffic. How are your campaigns targeted? Are you using topics/placements/retargeting/interests/contextual targeting?
  • Do you have examples of your image ads?
  • When you used search, what match types did you use?  Can you give some examples of your keywords?  "Donate" is really broad, are you modifying it with any additional keywords?

I would suggest starting with search and remarketing, as it can be pretty targeted and specific. I would start long tail, specific keywords. As you ramp up, I would suggest adding a lot and I mean a lot of negatives to help qualify traffic. From there, you can start adding in less specific keywords for incremental (but still targeted) traffic.  I would layer in remarketing and RLSA next and then focus on adding in display targeting last.  This isn't always the way that I would go about it but given the details you've provided - with low conversions and a low budget, that's how I would probably get started.


Still, as I mentioned before, the landing page experience is really important, as well.


A couple things that I've noticed about your pages:

  • Your site takes a really long time to load
  • It's not immediately clear as to what action you are hoping people will take - there are multiple different buttons.  The "Donate" button is clearly labeled but the others aren't and the "donate" button is the least prominent of the three"
  • There isn't much information on the page.  You should add more content to give people context and show them the benefits of your organization and where there money will be going, as well as a call to action. How are your quality scores? It seems like they could be improved by additional content.
  • It might be worth testing some different layouts and colors.  I hope you don't take this the wrong way but the site doesn't look very professional.  This can cause credibility concerns, which makes it less likely that people will stick around or give money.


Hope this helps!

Re: 9k cliks in 1 month, no response

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Hi Amy, thanks for your quick and extensive response, every point you bring up is of great value to me and necessary adjustments will be undertaken if the adwords campaign does not yield a higher conversion from now on based on two observations and changes I made which may or may not be of importance, if someone else experience these issues in the future and finds my post maybe this will be of help to you:

1) My primary display campaign has a high CTR for mobile users with complete webbrowsers which is hogging 90% of clicks, I adjusted the bid to -100%, thereby shutting it off as I believe many clicks are misclicks due to small mobile interfaces and sloppiness/inattention, to repeat this step please go to "units" under "settings" in the specified campaign and adjust bid to -100%. It's a bit tricky to find and quite obscure but may have a big impact on conversions if your website subject demands complete and sustained intellectual attention
2) By running my website through mobile emulators online I discovered that it was not suitable nor optimized for mobile viewing, thereby exacerbating 1) causing a situation whereby sloppy/inattentive presumably wrong demographic users accidentally clicked the ad and were redirected to a messy landing page which didn't make any sense, this would explain the extraordinarily low click/conversion ratio.

I will post an update in a few days to see if this could have been part of the issue.



Re: 9k cliks in 1 month, no response

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# 4
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Happy to help! I hope the adjustments that you've made for mobile devices turns things around. I have a feeling it will make a sizable impact.

Mobile certainly has its place, though. If you have opportunity to expand your budgets in the future, you might consider adding mobile back in (if you are able to create a good mobile landing page experience, that is).

Desktop is a good starting place, though. Let us know how it works out!

Re: 9k cliks in 1 month, no response

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Display network has a very high CPA. I would switch to placements so you can pick the sites your ads show on. Also you might use remarketing. This can bring people back to your site for much less than the first click.

You might also try Geo Targeting your campaign so you can spend more per click.

Another problem could be the site itself. The site needs to seem like it is active. Many people think the Field of Dreams model is the best way to go. People don't want to be the first to join a community. You may have to seed it with content. People like to join conversations not start them.

Re: 9k cliks in 1 month, no response

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Honestly, with this website you would not receive a single sale. Free websites are harm for online businesses, they make you lose credibility. Visitors would never trust you in the first place as long as they know that you don't own your business website. Put yourself in your customers' shoes, would you submit your credit card to a free website? a website that is a slow, doesn't have a unique domain and have ads for the hosting company.

Having your own website is not a big deal nowadays, websites are no longer expensive. I entirely recommend to pause your AdWords campaigns for now until you have your own website and then you can get back to the great adwords tips that Amy has discussed.

Re: 9k cliks in 1 month, no response

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# 7
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Hi everybody, there's some really nice feedback here, if anyone of you wants to get more involved in the SPC marketing and recruitment campaign please contact me through the website contact info, and maybe we can work out a compensation agreement.

I followed Ahmeds advice which is really too obvious 20/20, the thing that kept me from upgrading to premium was the lump sum down payment, turns out wix also offers recurring monthly subs for much less so the banners shouldn't be an issue henceforth.

What TX ppcguy mentions about field of dreams shouldn't be a problem since core community operations is centered around business and military intelligence, similar to freemason guilds and "orders". Even so, signs of activity are important and I need more professional information on how to resolve current radio silence, I have considered and am actively searching for a promotional personal photographer.

Technical advice and design alternatives aren't a high priority unless there is something fundamentally lacking, I am aware of Amys keyword suggestions and mobile optimization, I also have a general conceptual idea and belief in my own aesthetic capacity.

It's customer feedback and visitor perception that I believe is at the root of the problem, my target audience is quite broad and every bit of information on the organization is available on the website, more natural and intuitive social perception feedback from different demographics is most welcome.