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900 Impressions, 0 Clicks. Is this normal?

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I am running my first Adwords campaign and I have 900 Impressions and 0 clicks in 24 hours. Is this normal?

Re: 900 Impressions, 0 Clicks. Is this normal?

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Hi stephenloudon,


Welcome to the community.


It sounds like you might be advertising on the display network as well as on Google itself which may be why the impressions are high but no clicks.


You can change this in your campaign settings under networks. 


An easy way to see where your impressions are coming from is to look at the bottom of the campaigns page where you'll see stats for your total for search and display impressions and clicks.


The display network will generally have a lower CTR than the search network so I'd recommend splitting these into separate campaigns targeting each network (if you want a display campaign that is)


You can read more about campaign types here


Another good place to start would be the Learn with Google pages. There are some really good tips there.


Let me know if you have any other queries, I'm happy to help.

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Re: 900 Impressions, 0 Clicks. Is this normal?

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Hi stephenloudon,


There could be many reasons why your campaign is acrruing impressions but no clicks:


  • Very generic keywords or ads
  • Low average position and/or ads showing below the 1st page
  • Wrongly defined campaign settings (language, geo targeting)
  • Running on the Display Network (where it is normal to have lots of impressions)

Please check the ad preview tool under the tools and analysis tab, so that you are sure that your ads are running normally in your target market.


I would say that probably you still didn't get any clicks (in search) because you need to refine the relevancy between your keywords and your ads, and probably make your campaign structure more granular.

If users are not clicking on the ad, that might mean that they don't find it extremely relevant.


If you provide more details about your issue, I'll be able to advise you more concretely.