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$800 spent, only $30 revenue -- what are we doing wrong?

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What are we doing wrong?


$800 spent, only $30 revenue

We are trying 8 ways of targeting total


our setup is

1 targeting method = 1 campaign with 2 ad groups (one angle per ad group)

Here's list of campaigns and how we are targeting:


Solar 1 target "news" in the topic targeting
Solar 2 target topics that come up for "solar"
Solar 3 targeting only 'solar power' category
Solar 4 targeting keywords 'solar rebate
' & 'solar energy rebate'
Solar 5 Affinity Audiences > Solar
Solar 6 In Market Audience > Solar
Solar 7 demographics 25+
Solar 8 Display Planner top 10 placements



This is our landing page: <edited by a Community Manager as noted below>


It seems like the targeting is not working at all.  It's HORRIBLE. 

We direct tried many different targeting to try and find the best one that yields results. 
but with $800 spend, and only 2 conversions ($30 revenue) this is shockingly bad.


What do you think we did wrong?


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Re: $800 spent, only $30 revenue -- what are we doing wrong?

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Hi Atila,

Without seeing your Account hard to say exactly why performance isn't as expected, but below are some thoughts:


  • Have you tried Search Advertising?  --Sounds like you're doing Display Advertising, which is another great way to reach your target audience and introduce your site to a new audience, but it's not as targeted, not as direct as Paid Search.  My advice for advertisers is always to first launch Search Campaigns, and then expand into Display.  Think about Search as a way to catch your prospective customers when in they're in moments of relevance; think of Display as a way to place your Ads in front of prospective customers when they're reading content throughout Google's Network.
  • Have you tried Negative Placements? --  Negative Placements can restrict your Ads from appearing on websites and webpages that lead to spend, but no Conversions.  
  • Have you considered fine-tuning just one aspect of the Display Network -- You might consider fine-tuning and optimizing your Keyword-Contextual Placements, and then expand into other targeting methods.  Often Keyword-Contextual Placements will put your Ads in front of your customers as they're reading content relevant to your business and return a better ROI as the Placements are very relevant to the content.
  • Finally, have you considered Remarketing? --  Remarketing places your Ads only to people who've visited your website and not converted.  A great way to stay close to previous visitors.

Re: $800 spent, only $30 revenue -- what are we doing wrong?

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Friend, Your landing page is horrible.
With such a landing page, you can not expect a good result.

Adword is not a magical sales & marketing person. you have to work on improving so many things in your landing page.

Looks like you are a small & mid size company, then I have already answered it here, Please check it.

Re: $800 spent, only $30 revenue -- what are we doing wrong?

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I think you should speak to a Google AdWords partner. A good one would have told you that your landing page needed work prior to launching a campaign. Vkore91's comments are all true, but there are an infinite number of ways to set up/fine-tune the campaigns he recommends. If you don't know what you are doing then you will continue to waste money.