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404 Errors on my website for 2 days, how does AdWords treat this?

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Due to some changes on my website there was a 404 server error (and not the website 404 error) on my website for 2 days. Now when I see in my webmasters reports Crawl error, it has listed almost all my URLs as a 404 error.


1) How does AdWords system treat this in terms of future performance

2) How does Crawler behave after this happens

3) What are the ways to get things back in track and how many days it takes for it to be back.


Your answer would help me in many ways to keep running my business.


Thanks in advance,


Re: 404 Errors on my website for 2 days, how does AdWords treat this?

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Sorry to know about 404 errors on your website, here are few things you should look at.

  • If your destination URL leads to any page with http status beginning with 4 or 5 (which includes 404) your ads will be disapproved. 
  • Also if you havent done it already please pause the ads immediately make sure you pause your campaign untill you sort out errors on website. 
  • More more details refer to this page on destination URL policy

Hope this helps


Regards, Nik
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