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4 sitelink extensions

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One of my competitors has 4 sitelinks. 2 rows of 2. It makes the ad take up quite a bit more space.


I can only seem to get 3 sitelink extensions showing at one time on my ads. What am I doing wrong?

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Re: 4 sitelink extensions

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Hi Birchlore,


How many extensions have you created?


Do each extension pointing to different pages?

Re: 4 sitelink extensions

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Hi birchlore,


Number of sitelinks and whether the sitelinks would be shown with your ad copy actually depends upon many factors. Few includes ad relevancy, search query entered by the user and how much relevant it is with respect to your site link which you are trying to show along with your ad.


Hence try to focus on what kind of sitelinks you have created and whether they provide additional benefits to the users in addition to your destination URL or not.


As per Google notes:


We consider several factors when determining what types of sitelinks we'll display with your ad, and whether we'll display sitelinks at all. These factors include the following:

  • Your ad's Quality Score.
  • The position of your ad on Google search result pages.
  • The landing page of your ads and sitelinks.
  • Other ad extensions that are enabled in your campaign.
  • The search term used by a potential customer.
  • The relevance of other ads on the page.
  • For compound sitelinks, the relevance of your other ads to your sitelinks.


Hope that helps!