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3,200 impressions but no idea where. :(

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Today (by 3PM)  my ad group shows 3,200+ impressions.  I wish to see where this great quantity of impressions occur.  I found them all to listed under "Other Domains" deifned as <<These webpages ran your ads but aren't listed in the rows above. Some examples of why a URL would be calculated as "Other":  Your ad received an impression, but not a click. Your ad didn't receive a significant number of impressions. The page ran your ad within the past 48 hours and just hasn't yet been listed individually.>>


Okay.  But, 3,200+ impressions is a ton!  And I can't see even one site that displayed the impressions!  What's up?  

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September 2015

Re: 3,200 impressions but no idea where. :(

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Hi Chris2004x,


Quite a few of us see this as a problem when using the Display Network. Web sites that produce a high number of impressions but no clicks are not reported--so we can't block them from showing our ads.


Are you using keywords in your campaign? If not, I recommend you do so. It's not perfect for targeting, but is quite a bit better than having no keywords.  Keywords now show impressions and clicks in the DN. Take a look there (if you have keywords) and see if any are running up a lot of impressions with no clicks. Either lower your bid, change the match type to a more restrictive match type, or delete poor performing keywords.


This should help mitigate the number of impressions in "Other Domains".


Best of Luck!




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Re: 3,200 impressions but no idea where. :(

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I do use keywords. I can see the DN impressions and DN clicks, but not the sources. Smiley Sad ...I have chosen Automatic bidding, so I won't lower my bid until I get more data on CPC and such (sound ok?) I do have keyword optimization ahead of me for many reasons. Smiley Happy THANKS and keeping rocking to The Dead