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23 clicks for the last 14 days, only 4 inquiries. What's wrong?

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I have 23 clicks for the last 14 days but only 3 people called to ask for more information. Is it possible that somebody is "playing" with my ad.

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Re: 23 clicks for the last 14 days, only 4 inquiries. What's wrong?

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Hi racsove01! You need to remember that a click is not the same thing as a conversion (which is an inquiry in your case). That means that even if people click your ad and go to your landing page, they might still decide not to send an inquiry. Maybe the ad landing page is not relevant to their interests or they have decided to not take any action yet and they are just comparing different options.


To get more inquiries you might want to check your ad copy, landing page (the url-address where the ad directs the clicker) and your keywords. It is however quite hard to make any drastic measures if your ad has had only 23 clicks in two weeks, but optimising your keywords, ad copies, landing pages, keyword bids and campaign budgets you might get you more clicks. 


I wouldn't be worried about any invalid clicks on your ads, but here is some information on how google is eliminating invalid clicks on your ads:

And here is some information about optimisation:


Hope this helps!

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Re: 23 clicks for the last 14 days, only 4 inquiries. What's wrong?

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Hi racsove01 and welcome to the forum.


Although it may not seem so to you, 3 "conversions" out of 23 clicks is actually a pretty good percentage.  Although there are no hard and fast rules - each site, each business is different - most research tends to agree that average conversion rates are in the 2  - 3% range.  If we count each enquiry for you as a conversion, then your rate is 13% - you're doing very well!


I'm sure you appreciate that you can't expect every "clicker" to turn into a customer - or even to just ask for more information.  Think yourself of how many times you've gone into a high street store and just looked around - often with no intention of buying at all.  CPC advertising is just like this - you will always have a percentage of visitors who are just "browsing".  How likely this is - and what the percentage of such browsers will be, will greatly depend upon the nature of your business.


As Samikos has already suggested, you should look at your keywords, ad copy, landing page(s) and the process for requesting more information.  Problems in these areas are far, far more likely than someone "playing" with your ads.


Mostly, as I've already said, 13% is actually a pretty good figure so you could also argue that there's actually nothing wrong here at all.



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