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2 years, many clicks but NO CALLS?

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Hi I am a real estate agent who has an adwords account which I believe has been set up quite well. I have had well over 2000 clicks over 2 years.. this is what it sais in the stats. Now i have focused the wording on people SELLING property.. and made both the ad and key words ALL focused around this. Now I have NEVER had a single phone call which I can directly link with the adword??


has anybody had this problem?? am I missing something??

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Re: 2 years, many clicks but NO CALLS?

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Hello Billy,


Welcome to the forum Smiley Happy


I am surprised at the stats you mentioned (2 years especially). It's a very long time for any Adwords account to perform optimally so that the advertiser achieve good ROI.


You referred to phone calls, did you actually set up the Call Extensions and Call Metrics for your Adwords campaigns so that you can really measure this particular data?


Did you have somebody picking up the phone call and asking the user where from they got your number? (To verify whether somebody saw your ad online with phone number and dialled that number as an example)


Did you have the Conversion Tracking enabled for your campaigns?


Where exactly were you directing the online users to?


Do you have any contact form on your website so that if somebody wanted, they might had filled up the form to contact you?


I hope you can find the answers to most of these question on your own by looking at the Adwords data and your website.


Please also refer to the links I have mentioned above. 


Let us know if that helps!


Re: 2 years, many clicks but NO CALLS?

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There are scenarios that customers set up their account , leave it running for years, and wait for results.

In this case, are you personally managing your AdWords Campaign? AdWords is dynamic. Unlike billboard, once you paid for that space, that's all yours till your contract expires. Unlike commercial ads, you own that certain seconds to be aired on TV.

In AdWords, it is not just about getting clicks-but making the clicks count!


Having been said that you have 2000 clicks for two years, means you were able to acquire a certain interest to your ads. These people visited your website & that's where the" deciding factors" play its part.


Not all people buy out of impulse when it comes to investment.


They may search online, read reviews, visit the model unit, ask a quote or call instantly to ask for information. And the connection starts by finding those visitors . That's where AdWords  work- It prompts your ads at that very moment that someone is looking for information that matched to you Keywords. Keywords is very important in inviting the type of prospects that you want to advertise your properties.


Have you selected the right location on where your ads are shown?  Where are your properties located and do they actually match your location targeting on your AdWords account?


The relevance of your website contributes on the "captivation process". Viewer is already there on your site, possibly looking for options,promotions,prices. For them to engage & perform an action (email, call, set appointment) , they must first find the relevance of your site to their needs/demands.


Going back to the 2000 clicks, where did it go?


What are the other advertising mediums that you have used aside from AdWords?  Have you conservatively ask each caller on your designated number on how they find out about your property? 
















More Power,

Re: 2 years, many clicks but NO CALLS?

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I would start with making sure you are getting clicks on relevant search queries.

What Network(s) are you targeting - search, display, both?

What kind of match type are you using?

On search network if you are using anything aside for exact match you need to closely monitor your search query reports to see if you are appearing for irrelevant traffic. This way you can button down the match types tighter or add negative keywords to the account to prevent showing for a particular term.

Kim Clink, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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Re: 2 years, many clicks but NO CALLS?

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The biggest question you need to ask yourself is... Why do I deserve phone calls?


Do I have the best ads? Do I have the biggest Budget? Do I optimize my ads and analytical information?


Then I would look at how you have your keyword matching options setup, because googlers could be orginating from irrelavent queries. You should never feel comfortable with an Adwords campaign, "setup well" you should constantly be improving your conversions, quality score, and presence with any paid advertisement.


Test... Test... Test... analyze what did and did not work for your campaigns. If your not recieving calls...


1. Analyze your keywords. What are your most search queries? What keywords aren't you targeting? Get Creative...


2. Take an in deph look at your ads. Do you have a strong reason to call you? Test multiple ads don't be satisfied with the one you have, because it's not meeting your expectations.



3. What is your ad position? Where are you at in the backward 7? Test...Test.. Test...



Here is a little info on Keyword Matching Options

Keyword Matching Options


I hope this was helpful!


 - Charlie


Blu Wave Media

Re: 2 years, many clicks but NO CALLS?

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Hi there,


I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but 2000 clicks in 2 years aren't really worth much. 


It amounts to aprox. 2.7 clicks a day. This is a very daily average. If your account had reached 2000 clicks in a month or two months without results, then you could complain, but until then it's time to optimize your account and make a decent investment. 


I suggest that you either call Google to help them set up the account, hire an agency or invest the time it takes to get to know the platform. Targeting users who are willing to sale property is a very hard niche. Many of the keywords are ambiguous at best: 


"Sell home" - That might as well be someone looking to buy a home, who searches for places that sells homes. 


Lastly, and BluWave capture this well, why do you deserve the phone calls? These visitors need to know that they can trust you to sell their home, so look inward and analyze how you're selling yourself. Do you have a great website? Do you tell the visitors of the many successes you've had previously? 


There's a lot of aspects into why you haven't been getting calls. Without knowing specifics, then it can be hard to give you the best advice. 


Kind regards,

Andrew Lolk

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Re: 2 years, many clicks but NO CALLS?

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Hi there, 


The community has come up with some great ideas that might help you out here. I hope these ideas help. I just wanted to add a link here that gives some more information on how you can track your ROI with AdWords. 


Hope this helps!