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1400 clicks in 1 week but 0 sales

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Hi everyone, 


I'm getting 200 clicks a day have an ad position of 1 a cpc of 0.03 and the ad clearly specifies what I'm selling and that they can get a discount by using the coupon in the ad. Yet from those many clicks no one bought something... My keywords are relevant and my website is fast and looks beautiful, I offer all known payment options and yet no one buys something...


Most clicks cone through mobile ads in apps, so I'm wondering if that's the problem because these people don't want to shop they are busy in an app and might accidentally click my ad but still Google is showing that my ad clicks are also coming from YouTube... Which I don't really understand either since it's a display ad not a video... There is a lot going on but no one is buying... What should i do?

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1400 clicks in 1 week but 0 sales

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Hi @nathan h,


The first thing you should check is the engagement. How long people spend on the site from these sources? How many pages do they visit and what's the bounce rate? It will give insights to help understand relevance of your ads for targeted traffic. 


If traffic from mobile apps is not engaging, you can stop showing ads there by adding as the placement exclusion.


If also on search network, check the search query report. What are people actually searching when your ads trigger and get clicked? Exclude the you find irrelevant. Fine tune your keywords and ad copies. Finally, Experiment with landing pages. It all will help you optimise campaigns better.


Ratan Jha
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1400 clicks in 1 week but 0 sales

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Hi Nathan,


Along with the great advice from Ratan Jha, I would suggest the following:


1) Set up some site category options (exclusions). Click on your display campaign, then click on the display network tab, then click on placements... then migrate to bottom of page and click on Site category options and red light: Parked Domains, Error Pages and In-Game, at the very least. You should see some great change from that. You will also see lots of others to consider and by dialing in this setting, you will be able to best serve your needs. 

2) Go back to the tabs up top and click on Dimensions. Now use the drop down menu and look at the dozen or so metrics. You can sort the grid by clicking on a header item. I would start by sorting by clicks. There is a lot of important data within the dimensions tab.

3) Dial in negative keywords and exclude placements (as Ratan Jha has suggested).

4) Dig into Analytics in a big way.

5) Dig into Google Webmaster Search Console.


Using just #1 & #3 above, you will see a positive change. 


All the Best,





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1400 clicks in 1 week but 0 sales

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Wow Ratan and J Clemens took all the glory in this one. Not sure what I could add.


- Other than, check your payment gateway see if its working on other devices

- Of course the landing page experience could definitely turn people off no matter how fast your website is. I was a graphic designer ( sort of still am) and if your selling me something your presentation better be on point. You don't see any Mercedes Benz showrooms looking like a pig sty even though they got you to the dealership because you saw their ad.


- User flow is a neat tool to use to find out some information

- and i really like Ratan suggestion(something I use a lot) Search query report offers a lot of insights to possible ideas for ads.


- Finally the main reason could be someone found another deal somewhere else, but i find it hard to believe with 1400 clicks. If anything minimum you should be converting from that is at least 5%.  Like to see what other people think.